Why a Brand Index? - A Shift

Why a Brand Index?

“Our mission is to inspire and inform readers about fashion,
that is fun, sustainable and good to you and the planet.”

We know how difficult it can be to find your way through the overload of information when being interested in sustainable fashion. By creating the brand index we want to help all you to get a better understanding of the landscape of sustainable fashion brands. Our opinions in the Brand Index are based on our sustainable factors people, nature, re-made, home and animals. 

The brand index gives insights on different brands, what they specifically do in regards to those factors and in what way they are sustainable to us. Some brands are already doing really well, but from some, we would like to have more information publicly available. We believe that sharing information transparently is the key to sustainable and conscious choices. Thus, it needs to be provided by brands to be used by consumers. 

Ultimately, we want to encourage you to take inactive and possibly do some research yourself to better connect with a brand and make smart consumer choices. 

The document below summarizes our reasoning, the underlying principles and the actual questionnaire we use for each brand in the brand index.