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Ninety Percent, a London-based sustainable womenswear label, shares 90% of their profits with the people that make the clothes and five charitable causes every year.

The best thing about it? The customers get to vote for the causes they want to support. The sustainable brand has created a pioneering business model, to try and approach the fashion industry differently. They have specialized on pared back, luxury basics to elevate the everyday. We’re talking well-cut organic cotton sweats, jersey staples and beautifully crafted knits from organic merino. In their code of conduct they explain that they don’t believe in short-lived trends and hope that once the customer has finished with their Ninety Percent garment they will pass it on for somebody else to give it a second life. 

The brand gives detailed information about their processes and focus areas (respectful work environment, sustainable materials, longevity, transparency and traceability, animal welfare, water stewardship, emissions and co2 as well as closing the loop). We were especially excited to see a high degree of transparency and access to a wide range of information for all customers. 


2 factories in Bangladesh and 1 factory in Turkey
provide daycare & complimentary lunch meals


GOTS certified organic cotton, hemp, closed loop viscose, GOTS certified wool, micromodal, natural linen and tencel,
always chose the most environmentally friendly option in regards to materials


certified recycled cotton,
certified recycled wool


90% of their profits are going to the people that produce the garments and 5 charitable causes


5 Freedoms (=freedom from hunger & thirst, freedom from discomfort, freedom from pain, freedom to express normal behaviour, freedom from fear)

Last updated: September 2020