How sustainable is the British knitwear brand &DAUGHTER?
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Founder Reid created &Daughter together with her dad in 2013 after working for big brands as a publicist for years. With her father having worked in knitwear for decades her decision to found her own sustainable knitwear brand was no surprise. &Daughter calls itself a ‘slow knitwear brand offering considered clothing for modern lifestyles’. 

With everything the brand does it has sustainability in mind. Praising craftsmanship, longevity and timeless styles by creating high-quality garments. Most of the knitwear is produced by experts in the UK and Ireland, with some pieces even being completely handmade. The brand only uses natural materials and values quality, usefulness and a less-but-better approach to consumption. &Daughter is committed to designing and making pieces that last a long time. The yarns are sourced locally from expert spinners and makers in the UK and Ireland. The family led brand only produces small batches to reduce any waste and each section of a garment is knitted individually, hand-linked then hand-finished to achieve the finest possible execution. 

It must be noted that unfortunately almost no information could be found on the brand’s website as we had to look for more information in interviews and on social media. We love the brand’s aesthetic and local flair but more transparency and information for interested customers would be very much appreciated.


Little to no information could be found

EU labour laws apply


Uses 100% natural materials like organic cotton and wool


Promotes longevity


Sourced and (hand-) crafted in the UK, Ireland, Italy

Works with local knitters


Use of wool

Green Trace certified wool

Last updated: March 2021