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The Spanish brand babaà was founded by Marta Bahillo. She is originally from Madrid and studies Fashion and Textile Design in Ireland. During her studies she developed a passion for knitwear and natural fibres. After working for a major fashion house she decided to found babaà in 2012 to make sustainable garments from local Spanish wool and cotton. 

Only works with small family-run factories, mills and traditional shepherds from Spain. The local community and close relationships, as well as knowing that the sheep the wool comes from are happy and have a humane life is very important to babaà. Unfortunately, the brand has no certifications regarding the fibres. However, we know how pricey these can be for smaller brands. The brand’s website is highly transparent and shows many behind the scenes. You can even find out more about babaà’s fashion campaigns on a blog that can get quite personal. Even though, Marta doesn’t usually talk about donating money, she and babaà try to help local refugee centres by either donating clothes, hiring refugees or simply donating money. 

On top of that, babaà is working on innovating dyeing techniques to reduce water use and chemical waste. The brand’s current technique uses 60% less water than the industry standard and involves 0% bleaching or any toxic waste.


Fair wages (EU)

Very close relationships


Only uses natural fibres

No bleaching or toxic waste

Tries to reduce water use (60% as of now)


Promotes longevity

Has a care guide


Family-run factories all over Spain

Wool from Spanish shepherds


Use of wool

Last updated: December 2020