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German blogger Xenia Adonts founded Attire The Studio in 2019 after realizing she wanted to do something more meaningful with her platform. The brand only uses natural fabrics and zero plastic.

Attire The Studio is a highly transparent brand. Honesty about the ups and downs of running a sustainable brand is key on the website, the brand’s Instagram and on Xenia’s YouTube channel. On top of that, the brand shows behind the scenes and explains how all costs are calculated.

Even though Attire uses wool and silk all their animal products aim to be cruelty-free and certified by third party organizations. The brand also uses recycled packaging, that is plastic free. Some of it is even biodegradable.

Unfortunately, there are only the sizes S, M and L available right now. However, on Instagram the brand already addressed that this was due to high costs. The team is planning to be more size inclusive in future collections. Due to producing in Europe and using high quality natural materials the prices are quite high which makes Attire The Studio a luxury brand that not everyone can afford. All in all, we love the transparency and the approach of Attire. The designs are beautiful, the collections aren’t too big and the brand tries to be as transparent as possible.


Workers get paid fairly and under EU standards


No use of plastic to reduce microplastics in water

Use of 100% natural and biodegradable fabrics

No mixed fibres


Strongly against recycled polyester

Use recycled and biodegradable packaging


All factories are in Portugal

Almost all materials are sourced in Italy and Portugal

Wool from Australia


Use of mulesing-free wool

Use of certified peace silk

Certified by IWTO, woolmark and

Last updated: October 2020