ABOUT - A Shift


“A shift in people’s view on fashion and consumption.”

– from a conversation between Sophie and Julia

ASHIFT is a blogzine about sustainable fashion that aims to change people’s views on sustainable fashion and consumption. A lot of people still choose fast fashion over sustainable and ethically produced clothes. That is likely because they feel it’s more accessible or less expensive – and oftentimes it is. But we strongly believe that sustainability is the new standard and will be our first option now and in the future. It’s why we dedicate our time and efforts to make sustainability the new normal. From first-hand experience, we know that it can seem impossible to live our lives more sustainably but that’s what we are here for. We want to go on this journey with you. We are not there yet either and, along the way, we want to show you all the great, stylish and sustainable clothes that we discover on the way.


We founded ASHIFT because, to us, sustainable clothes are the new standard – our first choice. We want the blogzine to inspire our readers and give a platform to all the great sustainable fashion out in the world already. We hope to become a changing force in the fashion industry in the future and help people shift their views on sustainable fashion and consumption. Nevertheless, we know how challenging it can be to make conscious choices in our everyday life. Especially, when there are so many cheap, always-new and fashionable clothes out there. But this shouldn’t stop us from getting what we truly desire: beautiful, high-quality clothes that are sustainable and that our hearts will cherish for years to come.

Sophie Daniels started her journey six years ago with her personal fashion blog. In this time, she has worked with numerous brands and increasingly put an emphasis on those that produce in an ethical way. Currently, she also works as a consultant in Berlin. 

Julia Capune started her journey with her studies in Fashion Management at Amsterdam Fashion Institute. Here, a great focus is put on sustainability in the fashion industry.



To us, authenticity means to be honest in everything we are doing. Transparency is key for understanding sustainability and taking sustainable actions. We have flaws like anyone else and are far from perfect, especially when it comes to sustainability. We are learning and growing every day and want to take you with us on our journey. 


We want to prove that being sustainable or buying sustainably is not a luxury at least not more than being able to afford conventional clothes. This is why we – as students and young professionals ourselves – want to show you not only a variety of styles but also prices. There are many options from luxurious pieces to affordable beauties!


Is always at our core. The conversation around sustainability can become pessimistic very quickly once you have a closer look at it. Instead of dwelling on the frustration, we want to inspire you – whether you are a person or a brand – with all that sustainable fashion already has to offer. We want to find creative solutions and challenge ourselves and our creativity every day.

Co-founder Julia, leaning against a table wearing white trousers and a shirt with a black blazer for the ashift about page.
Co-founder Sophie, sitting on a couch with a black sweater for the ashift about page.