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Our 11 Favourite Sustainable Winter Essentials

Posted in Mode, Brand Watch — 9. November 2021 — Written by Sadaf

Do you want to sprinkle some winter accessories in your winter wardrobe? Our small creative team is back and we carefully selected our 11 favourite sustainable winter must-haves for you!

Whether we like it or not, the temperatures are dropping. So we want to prepare you with sustainable accessories that keep you cosy for a classy jaunt in winter. We put them together in the categories most important for winter: scarves, gloves, headwear, stockings, and for the outdoor lovers, thermal underwear. From joyful knits to accessories made from organic materials, these sustainable brands make the grey season somehow bearable! But now enough about winter blues, and let’s have a look at our 11 favourite sustainable winter essentials for this year!


Riley Studio

The British brand embodies gender-free designs made from organic and waste materials. It aims to limit waste by producing small quantities and using recycled fabrics such as cotton, nylon, and cashmere. The brand is committed to growing its positive impact on the planet, by using 190kg of Recot² yarn in their Collection 07. By that, RILEY STUDIO saves 950,000 liters of water. Additionally, to ensure that no garment ever becomes waste, it offers a lifetime repair guarantee on all products. 

Price Range: 200-380€


Based in Amsterdam, UNRECORDED is passionate about style and simplicity. Their permanent range is suitable for each season and aims for an inclusive voice against the nature of gendered fashion. For UNRECORDED, sustainability is not a marketing trend – as it should be. Their source is 100% GOTS certified organic cotton as well as sustainably produced in Portugal. Above that, they are avoiding sales or discounts with their permanent line to rebel against throwaway culture. You can find transparent and detailed information about their factories on the website, too.

Price Range: 20-120€



KOMODO has been committed to creating sustainable fashion since 1988. With its roots in the UK, the brand is known for using innovative fabrics such as green PU coating and recycled PET, from plastic bottles. Most of their products are vegan or cruelty-free, meaning using wool from countries that don’t allow mulesing. KOMODO is GOTS certified and a member of the soil association. Their Code of Conduct covers all of the ILO Four Fundamental Freedoms principles. Therefore, KOMODO and their factory partners work toward reducing the environmental impact of their operations and processes. 

Price Range: 50-70€


Krochet Kids

We want to also dedicate some time to sustainable brands that aren’t in the EU. KROCHET KIDS is a brand that empowers women in Northern Uganda and Peru.  Founded in 2007 by two brothers, it offers business training programs to help women start their careers with crochet. By this, they can lift themselves and their families out of poverty and create independent lives. KROCHET KIDS already employs 150 women in Uganda and 50 women in Peru. We not only love their headwear and gloves but their fight against poverty and the empowerment of women.

Price Range: 15-30€

NIKIN Clothing

NIKIN is a Swiss-based clothing brand founded by two school friends in 2016. The brand offers casual wear and headwear made from eco-friendly materials, including GOTS certified cotton and sustainable alternatives for polyester, like Polylana®. Since their founding, they have been planting one tree for every product sold. So far, they have planted over 1.4 million trees. Considering the fact that one million trees absorb about 10,000 kg CO2, we would say they have been able to create a great positive environmental impact!

Price Range: 12-30€


WOOL AND THE GANG is a fun British knitting company that teaches you to go back, making your own clothes with modern knitting designs. In this way, they are also massively reducing carbon emission, as they don’t need to create any samples that would need to be shipped around the world. Also, they only use 100% cruelty-free wool. Above that, the brand donates to Friends of The Earth, an international charity fighting against climate change, as well as organising global climate strikes with them. These are small steps in a sustainable journey that they’re committed to.

Price Range: 20-180€

Socks and Stockings

Organic Basics

The Copenhagen-based brand ORGANIC BASICS only uses organic cotton, recycled wool and works with factories that minimize textile waste. Furthermore, they assess the life cycle footprint of a single product, meaning from the raw material to textile manufacturing and the consumer phase. Throughout their business practices, they have managed to save 2.43 tonnes of waste entering landfills so far. Also, ORGANIC BASICS is extremely transparent. On their website, you can find a map of all their factories and partners with detailed information about employee benefits, working hours, and the fabric’s certifications. You can read more about ORGANIC BASICS in our BRAND INDEX.

Price Range: 30-70€

Swedish Stockings

Since the start, the Swedish brand has made transparency throughout the production chain a responsibility. All their producers are paying living wages according to the National Labour Contract for Textile Industry. The polyamide they use to produce their stockings is pre-consumer or post-consumer waste materials from nylon industries. With the SWEDISH STOCKINGS Recycling Club since 2016, the brand encourages the customers to send their worn, torn, or used tights back so they can be recycled and reused for new purposes.

Price Range: 20-30€


UNDERPROTECTION makes sustainable lingerie and hosiery produced from sustainable materials such as recycled wool, banana fibres and organic cotton. Most of their products are vegan, and if not, it is because it is recycled (wool) or a waste resource (milk). All packaging, paper, and polybags are either recycled or biodegradable. As a certified B Corporation™, the Danish brand is obligated to make a positive and meaningful change both socially, environmentally. They make sure that women of all sizes feel comfortable in their soft, sustainable hosiery.

Price Range: 8-20€

Thermal Underwear 


Founded in 1993, HOUDINI is a Swedish outdoor label that combines minimalist design with consistent sustainability. All materials used by them are either renewable, recycled or Bluesign-certified. They also focus on rental, repair, and second-hand alternatives to minimise textile waste. Every piece is manufactured locally in the EU, where they promote fair working conditions. Following the motto “Play hard, have fun” they offer high performance while being environmentally friendly. 



With its roots in the UK, PRESCA is one of the first carbon-positive sportswear brands. Its philosophy is to design for circularity, which they aim all their garments to be in the future. PRESCA creates garments that are durable and repairable, which it ensures by using recycled fabrics as well as producing garments with renewable energy. Designing out waste is also part of their design approach, meaning all their garments and packaging are recyclable. And if this was amazing enough, PRESCA provides highly transparent information about its manufacturing policies on its website. 

Price Range: 30-150€

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