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Sustainable brands that give us a Y2K moment!

Posted in Mode, Brand Watch — 25. October 2021 — Written by Sadaf

These days, some of us might realize that what we used to wear in High School is back in fashion! Y2K style brings back bubblegum pink all over, wide-leg jeans, teeny-tiny bags, and denim on denim!

While you want to cherry-pick what really suits you, you need to know that the Y2K trend is picked up by fast fashion. But don’t worry because we are about to introduce eight sustainable brands that give you the Y2K aesthetics you seek to wear. DEPOP is one of our favourite secondhand marketplaces and a platform that contributes to the Y2K momentum. Check out our current favourite Depop shop like Sooki Sooki Vintage! Let’s look at some great sustainable brands that are giving us a real Y2K moment!


BOGDAR, with its roots in Bulgaria, works for combining contemporary style and sustainable production. Bold, free, and sophisticated women are a constant inspiration for the design, while sustainability and exquisite materials stay at the core of their family production. Their collections are limited to a small range of styles – partywear – made with organic GOTS certified silk and other organic and recycled fabrics. We love the timelessness of the pieces.

Price Range: 100-300€


The vegan accessories label, MASHU, is inspired by Art Deco interiors and contemporary architecture. The futuristic touch of the designs and its shiny materials are an emblem of the 2000s. They use all kinds of materials from Piñatex, made from the leaves of the pineapple plants to repurposed walnut wood handles. All accessories are handmade in Athens (Greece). The interesting appearance and choice of materials give us a real Y2K moment!

Price Range: 200-450£


You might already know the young brand, NU-IN, from our Thoughts article, where we talked about their not very transparent founding story. However, we believe that no brand is perfect and we will see how NU-IN evolves in the near future. What we appreciate though is the changes they are making regarding transparency. On top of that, their side-split jeans and cut-out ribbed dress give us a trendy, Y2K look.

Price Range: 30-200€

Plant Faced

Made in the UK, PLANT FACED is a street-wear-inspired brand that puts diversity at the core of its production. Most of their clothes are manufactured in Fair Wear or WRAP certified facilities, but we would still ask them to name the percentage on their website. They are extremely size-inclusive with sizes from S-XXL. The designs put a fresh spin on the nostalgic looks, which is exactly what we expect for a Y2K moment.

Price Range: 20-65€

Beyond Retro

BEYOND RETRO is a leading vintage retailer across the UK and Sweden and was founded in 2002. Above that, their LABEL collection is made entirely up-cycled from secondhand fabrics and clothes. This means minimized textile waste and sustainably sourced new products. Every year they save 608 tonnes of CO2e and 300,000 m3 of water by recycling and up-cycling materials alone. Apart from that, their ultimate selection of 2000’s vintage clothing makes everyone a fashion icon!

Price Range: 7-75€

Hunza G

London-based swimwear label, HUNZA G, with its retro edge and futuristic touch gives us a perfect comeback. Their iconic fabric is knitted in the Midlands, HUNZA G believes in a small range of styles, which limits unnecessary fabric consumption and textile waste. Leftover fabrics or cut-offs are used for headbands and scrunchies. Wearing their Duo Jean Bikini captures the energy of the 2000s era!

Price Range: 80-175£


Designed and manufactured in Italy, WOMSH uses apple skin, a material from apple fibres, to produce sneakers. They aim to design shoes that allow customers to feel warm and comfortable. Since 2014, WOMSH has been collaborating with LifeGate aiming to offset CO2 emissions by planting trees. Regarding the afterlife of your sneakers, you don’t need to worry! WOMSH recycles worn-out sneakers and repurposes them to something else. You get a voucher for 10€ afterwards to pick up a pair of chunky sneakers, Y2K essentials!

Price Range: 140-270€


With the goal to achieve a balance between femininity and masculinity, ALFIE is a non-seasonal Parisian label, which uses high-quality upcycled fabrics to produce its garments in limited quantities. It inspires to create clothing for young, active women who like to keep it elegant but above all comfortable. From cutting, sewing, and assembling to packaging, everything is accomplished within a radius of less than 10 km in Paris, limiting the carbon footprint to almost zero. We are quite excited about the small range of styles and timelessness of each piece, which is an ideal representative Y2K aesthetic.

Price Range: 150-650€

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