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Posted in Travel, Greece — 4. August 2021 — Written by Julia

A few weeks ago one of our founders, Julia spent some days in Greece, to be exact on the beautiful island of Aegina. During her time there she was amazed by the Greek history, all the delicious food, the pistachio trees growing everywhere, and the famous clear blue sea. Also, she got to love the way of living there and dressing! There is just something about wearing a bikini all day or wearing light clothes to go out for dinner!

This got her wondering if there are some Greek sustainable fashion brands out here? Well, the answer is clear: There are! And we curated a list of some of our favourite sustainable fashion brands from Greece for you! We especially love how all these brands take inspiration from Greek heritage, culture and landscape. These everyday styles make every wardrobe feel a little bit more like a vacation in our opinion!


The Greek sustainable fashion brand VATHOS Apparel started with the desire to explore fashion through spiritual motivation and acting responsibly towards people and the planet while creating a sense of moral integrity within the fashion industry. Since then, they have challenged themselves to create environmentally friendly fashion. The sourcing from businesses with fair trade practices, 100% certified organic cotton fabrics, GOTS-certified dyes and recycled packaging are just some of their focus areas. With their ready-to-wear women collection and some unisex pieces, they aim to raise awareness about the environmental impact of fashion while offering a sustainable solution through creative garments. The pieces of VATHOS Apparel can be dressed up or down, making them suitable for any occasion! 

Price Range: 20 – 183€ 


2WO+1NE=2 is an ethical designer brand based in Athens and was founded in 2017 by Stella Panagopoulou and Valisia Gotsi. Not only does their brand name sound exciting, but so does their concept! 2WO+1NE=2 aims to sound out the cultural fluidity of an increasingly nomadic generation. The aspect of nomadism comes back in each collection, where a different city serves as an inspiration. They strive for sustainability beyond trends, where tailored ready-to-wear clothes are meant to last or where reconstructions of out-worn garments in local production can contribute to a garment’s longevity. We love their edgy designs with multi-dimensional shapes and structures. 

Price Range: 94 – 857€ 


There is no Greek shopping travel guide without mentioning the traditional Greek sandals, which are timeless products linked to Greece’s identity. The brand KYMA aims to preserve this historical concept by creating high-quality and elegant sandals that combine classic with modern. Each style is named after a Greek island and reflects its aesthetic and feel. The blue soles of the sandals are a reminder that even when all Greek islands are worlds of their own, they are all connected by the Greek blue sea. The name KYMA also means wave. All sandals are handmade in Greece by expert craftsmen. On top, they are made from natural vegetable-tanned vachetta leather. This type of leather is untreated and darkens with age, which contributes to the unique identity of each sandal. If you would like to find out more about leather check out our article on it.

Price Range: 170 – 180€


Another amazing shoe brand from Greece is LaMano. This brand really shows “who makes your shoes”. All shoes are exclusively handcrafted from start to finish by Kyveli Gallia herself, the artist behind the brand LaMano. She is originally from France but lives and works in Athens now. She’s been taught the art of shoemaking by Greek and French artisans for four years and now makes her own in the LaMano workshop, a traditional artisan atelier, where she operates in an eco-friendly and sustainable way. All shoes are made-to-order to avoid overproduction of styles and unnecessary waste. She only uses local suede and Nappa leather to ensure the highest quality, and her philosophy of timeliness, durable and elegant design is visible in all her styles. 

Price Range: 100- 130€ 


Lefko started as a project in 2018 at the Raise Your Voice festival in Athens which was raising awareness about human trafficking. There the two later founders Mihali and Jo showcased their first dress which was made by a partner refugee workshop in Athens. A year later, they officially launched Lefko. The name Lefko means ‘white’ in Greek and signifies a clean supply chain without any ethical or environmental stains for the two founders. On the website, you can see who makes the clothes, also by name. They are all survivors of human trafficking and refugees seeking asylum in Athens. By this, they can receive direct employment and develop the skills needed to operate in an open market economy, become less dependent on their male partners and stay away from exploitation. Also, all sourced materials – from buttons, fabrics to packaging- are transparently displayed on their website. On top of all these great things Lefko is already doing, they also encourage returning garments if no longer desired to give them a second life. But you can also just compost the 100% biodegradable garments! 

Price Range: 115 – 195€ 

AV Seawear

The brand AV Seawear was founded “somewhere between Athens and London” by founder Amalia. The founder takes inspiration from contemporary Greece, and especially Greek summer and Mediterranean sea culture. People in Greece spend the most time around the sea and water, from early morning swims to late-night beach gatherings and boat trips. Amalia wanted to create the right attire for this – a combination of elegance with comfort. For AV Seawear design and sustainability always go together and nature is treated with respect and as a form of art. All fabrics are certified by OEKO-TEX Standard 100, and prints are created in-house. Further, all pieces are handmade and 100% produced in Greece in small specialized factories in an effort to support local manufacturers, producers and craftsmen. 

Price Range: 85-149€ 

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