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Posted in Travel, Sweden — 26. July 2021 — Written by Mona

We are back with another virtual travel fashion guide. This time it is taking us to another beautiful Scandinavian country, Sweden. If you are looking for the perfect minimalist Scandi designs paired with sustainable practices and timeless styles we got the perfect list of sustainable brands from Sweden for you!

Sweden has to offer way more than meatballs and IKEA! You can find some beautiful and eco-friendlier brands there that will level up your wardrobe with high-quality and timeless designs that will last you for decades to come. We curated the ultimate list of sustainable brands from Sweden for you. Come have a look! 


Nudie Jeans is a Swedish brand producing – as the name suggests – amazing sustainable jeans since 2012. The brand has a strong environmental philosophy that was present even before the first pair of jeans was even designed. While there was little demand for organic Nudie Jeans decided to take the opportunity to create an all organic denim brand. The brand now produces jeans made from 100% organic cotton and other garments made from 94% organic, fair trade or recycled cotton. On top of that, Nudie Jeans wants to increase the amount of other natural fibres like TENCEL™ in its range. All cotton is GOTS certified or certified by the Organic Content Standard 100 (OCS 100), or the US Department of Agriculture (USDA Organic) depending on the origin and supplier. 

Price range: 10 – 399€ 


Swedish brand ASKET aims to be a transparent fashion brand educating consumers and offering a high level of traceability. The brand acknowledges that unfortunately, there’s no such thing as true sustainability in fashion. ASKET says: ‘Every garment has a story, a cost and an impact. Green, Conscious, Recycled or Offset isn’t moving the needle. In fact, it’s confusing us into thinking we can actually shop our way out of the problem’. The brand is very open about different aspects like traceability, the true cost of the garments and more. ASKET even has a list of how much of each garment that is being sold is traceable in percentages. Even though ASKET failed to be 100% traceable in 2019 the brand has set the goal again and aims to reach it by the end of 2021.  

Price range: 16 – 350€


Filippa Knutsson founded her brand in 1993 in order to create simple, practical garments that are designed with style and comfort in equal measure. Since starting at her own kitchen table all these years ago the sustainable brand has turned into a big brand. Now, Filippa K calls itself international in mind and Scandinavian at heart. The brand approaches fashion with a perspective of longevity with the aim to be as mindful as possible to our environment and future. Filippa K follows the four Rs: Reduce, Repair, Reuse and Recycle. When it comes to materials Filippa K uses some that are not considered sustainable, but many that are like organic cotton, recycled cotton, linen, cupro and 100% traceable Swedish leather. 

Price range: 28 – 2.000€


The three sisters Karin Söderlind, Kristina Tjäder und Sofia Wallenstam founded the Swedish label House of Dagmar, named after their grandmother, in 2005. The core value of the brand is to be kind to earth, humans and animals while also creating high-quality clothing that will last you a lifetime. Longevity and conscious choices are important to House of Dagmar. You can find information about all fabrics, as well as a garment care guide on the label’s website to ensure an even longer life for your clothes. Further, all knitted viscose dresses are made of recycled yarn, the hoodies and denim are made from GOTS certified organic cotton and animal friendly furs are made from 100% wool. On top of all these aspects, the brand promotes and supports female empowerment and equality.

Price range: 39 – 819€


Swedish Stockings aims to change and influence the industry towards sustainable production. To the brand sustainability consists of the three pillars: social, financial and environmental. Swedish Stockings’ goal is to become the world’s first circular hosiery brand. The factories Swedish Stockings works with are all carefully selected and have to align with the brand’s vision. The entire supply and production happens within Europe with the long-term ambition to work with factories even closer to Sweden. All materials are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified. All polyamide that is sourced comes from pre-consumer or post-consumer waste materials. The natural fibres used have been produced with organic farming standards.

Price range: 5 – 105€


Swedish designer Sofie founded Anekdot in 2015 as a passionate love affair between exceptional surplus fabrics left behind by the fashion industry. The sustainable underwear and swimwear brand upcycles materials from production leftovers, end of lines, off-cuts, deadstock and vintage trimmings with the aim to give new life to unworn textiles that will otherwise end up in a landfill. In addition, Anekdot also uses ECONYL®, B.recycled and lace that is made from 100% recycled fibres thanks to the introduction of the unique ROICA™ yarn. Each creation comes in limited edition and is produced in Berlin or near Poland, allowing Anekdot to oversee the whole production process and dramatically reduce the carbon footprint.

Price range: 15 – 155€


The Swedish brand Norrfolks was founded in 2017 and is Europe’s first fine jewellery brand using lab-grown diamonds. On top of that the brand uses 100% recycled gold. Norrfolks is crafting conflict-free, responsible jewellery without harm due to mining or other possible issues. The brand’s goal is to fundamentally change the jewellery industry by creating sustainable pieces that fit the customers’ needs. Transparency is a core value. You can find all information on the factories and more on the brand’s website. Additionally, Norrfolks does not put a retail markup on the prices by cutting out the middlemen. All pieces are made in Spain. We have talked about Norrfolks before in our ethical jewellery article – check it out!

Price range: 120 – 12.045€


The sustainable brand from Sweden debuted its Laura jumper quite recently. It all started with the wish to get closer to the origin of the jumper, to source the materials and produce locally and ultimately aim for the best possible handcraft and quality. The founders stumbled upon alpaca wool which is soft, strong and comes in beautiful natural colours that don’t need dying. The wool is sourced from alpaca farms in Sweden and is handpicked by the brand’s designer Lisa Wikander. The yarn is being spun in the south of Stockholm and ultimately it becomes a beautiful and soft jumper. I don’t think it gets much more locally produced than Mesdames which is why the jumper also comes with a heavy price tag.

Price range: 147 – 363€


Boob is a Swedish sustainable maternity brand with the goal of making eco-friendly clothing for mothers during and after pregnancy. The maternity brand is highly transparent and makes it easy to trace back your clothes on the website. Boob produces every garment in either Portugal, Turkey, Italy, Greece, India and Morocco. Social and ecological responsibility is at the core of Boob – the brand is also GOTS certified. Therefore, the brand only uses sustainable materials like lyocell and organic cotton to create the perfect cosy loungewear pieces for becoming mothers.

Price Range: 16 – 140€


Merima Zeljkovic Abrigo founded Swedish brand SYVÊNDE SWIMWEAR with the aim to create swimwear that women can feel proud and beautiful in while being more sustainable. The goal of SYVÊNDE SWIMWEAR is to produce luxurious and timelessly elegant swimwear that fits. Even though the founder knows that things will not change overnight she decided that she wants to contribute to a greener industry. Therefore, SYVÊNDE SWIMWEAR uses the high-end Italian regenerated nylon yarn ECONYL®.

Price range: 87 – 213€


TRETORN describes itself as an innovation driven company with high-quality, functional and contemporary products in mind since 1891. The brand offers the so-called ‘Eco Essential’ rainwear made with innovative and circular fabrics to create the future of responsible rainwear. Innovation, craft and sustainability are at the core of TRETORN. The brand aims to transform products into Eco Essentials and has created the Tretorn Leftover Projects – reusing leftover fabrics to produce limited edition collections with whatever was left behind. On top of that, TRETORN invented OCEAN-SHELL® which is a two layer hard shell fabric made from recycled polyester. It is also equipped with a hydrophilic membrane made from recycled ocean waste.

Price range: 6 – 600€

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