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Posted in Travel, Portugal — 20. July 2021 — Written by Sophie

We are once again on the virtual road to another country! Today, we are going south… to Portugal!

While a lot of sustainable brands choose to produce in Portugal because of the high quality and good working conditions we wanted to find out more about sustainable brands from Portugal. The search wasn’t so easy and it ended up being a small but beautiful list of brands. If you know any brands we have not mentioned let us know in the comments!


TOINO ABEL has rescued the ancient craft of reed basket making in Portugal. The brand has learned the technique side by side with the remaining weavers. Gradually, TOINO ABEL refined its process and elevated the quality of every single step. You can follow the process of making a bag in this beautifully made film. While it is a common issue in Portugal that artisans are working undeclared – leaving them with no retirement money or health insurance – TONIO ABEL only offers declared work to its artisans. 

Price Range: 109-169€


The Portugese brand focuses on knitwear in natural hues such as off-white, beige and camel. They produce in Portugal close to the brand’s headquarter so they can guarantee good working conditions for the people producing the pieces. The raw materials used for the knitwear pieces are 100% made in Italy, including scouring! The wool used is from the Sustaina Wool Integrity Program, which guarantees the sustainable management of natural and physical resources as well as animal welfare. They communicate transparently that some of the pieces might have a very small (less than 1%) amount of synthetic fibres added. We like the honest approach! 

Price Range: 125-600€


Since 2016 NÄZ strives to create better fashion for a mindful tomorrow. NÄZ is a Portuguese brand that’s eager to deliver fashion made fairly in Portugal with respect to the people who make it but also to our natural resources. The brand is trying to use deadstock fabrics wherever it can. In those instances the brand uses ecological alternatives. Labels, buttons and zippers are all made from eco-friendly alternatives, too! Further, the brand explains the cost breakdown of the pieces to make each and every decision more transparent for you!

Price Range: 39-125€


Filipe and Sérgio, a graphic designer and a fashion designer, met in Lisbon, ten years ago. Since then they began working together, their mutual interest has been to design objects for everyday life that they want to use and wear themselves. They upcycled fabrics from broken umbrellas found in the street and turned them into a collection of light-weight swimwear. Further, they decided to use only high-quality textiles made in Portugal. The clothes and accessories are all handmade in Portugal by local partners who have been collaborating with the brand for years.

Price Range: 34-150€


Raquel and Sofia, twin sisters, founded the sustainable fashion brand SIZ. The sisters behind the brand are doing all the work from selecting the fabric, printing and embroidery work to sewing it together into a final product. If they do contract someone to support their work it will always be local artisans. Further, the brand is PETA approved and uses GOTS certified materials such as organic cotton. If some pieces do not have the GOTS tag on them they will be made from recycled materials.  

Price Range: 70-270€


The portugese brand produces beautiful swimwear from ECONYL. Further, the brand also offers a small range of apparel.  All pieces are produced locally in our Lisbon Atelier with a team of local seamstresses. CONSCIOUS is as vigilant about its packaging as it is about its pieces. Which is why the brand researches and sources the most sustainable materials it can find. The boxes are as tiny as possible and they are recycled and recyclable. Further, the brand uses paper recycled tape instead of regular plastic tape. The labels are also recycled and recyclable and to attach them they use a 100% biodegradable cotton rope. There is no plastic involved in the process, even when shipping as CONSCIOUS uses home-compostable shipping bags.

Price Range: 39-120€

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