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Posted in Travel, Norway — 14. July 2021 — Written by Mona

Today we have another digital fashion travel guide for you. This time we are virtually flying to the beautiful country of Norway. From the typical minimal Scandi design to traditional Norwegian knitwear – this list of sustainable brands from Norway got it all!

Norway is known for its beautiful nature, kind people and traditional knitwear. We can’t wait to visit once it is completely safe again. In the meantime we made a list of sustainable Norwegian brands that you cannot miss out on! Let’s have a look at some amazing sustainable brands from Norway. 


Envelope1976 is a sustainable luxury fashion brand from Oslo. A timeless, eco-conscious and natural design is at the core of the brand all while still being fashionable. The garments can be worn in multiple ways so the customer gets a great use. High-quality materials and achieving longevity are also important to the brand. Envelope1976 aims to use materials made from natural fibres, are renewable, biodegradable and last a long time. For example, cupro, linen, LENZING™ ECOVERO™ viscose, alpaca wool, recycled polyester and leftover leather from a manufacturer in Turkey. In order to reduce chemical waste Envelope1976 uses natural pigments in the vegan dyeing process. 

Price Range: 48 – 2.000€


Holzweiler is an Oslo-based family-owned fashion house. The siblings Susanne and Andreas Holzweiler founded their brand in 2012 after running their own fashion agency.  The brand aims to make high-quality fashion for all genders that will last a long time. Sustainability is the foundation of Holzweiler by showing respect to the planet and the people. The brand is open about not being perfect yet and wants to increase sustainable materials. As of right now many garments are made from organic cotton, recycled polyester, nylon and wool, Eco Vero viscose, GOTS certified cotton, as well as RDS (Responsible Down Standard) certified down and RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) certified wool. If anything ever happens to your garments the Holzweiler store staff will help you fix and repair them. All items are packed in bioplastic based bags that are biodegradable. 

Price Range: 15 – 715€


AWAN, short for As We Are Now, was founded in Norway in 2018 by Anette Miwa Dimmen with the goal to create comfortable and effortlessly flattering garments to feel free in at home, but also versatile enough to be worn outside of your home, too. The brand aims to create a less wasteful fashion business and uses long-lasting high-quality materials. All pieces are produced in Portugal. To AWAN sustainability means owning clothing that we will wear again and again for a long time. This is why the brand is building a seasonless collection based on demand with elevated essentials. 

Price Range: 59 – 179€

Livid Jeans

LIVID JEANS is a Norwegian apparel brand creating a mixture of Japanese finesse within fabric construction and contemporary Scandinavian design. The brand aims to preserve traditions by building quality made products. On the brand’s website you can find an interactive map and all steps of the production with descriptions and explanations – we love the creativity! The raw cotton used for the jeans is sourced from the US, Australia, Mexico, Turkey, Pakistan, Greece, Brazil, Spain, Zimbabwe and Cameroon – a long list. However, LIVID JEANS is quite transparent about how they receive the materials. On top of that, the brand also offers a care guide as well as pre-loved vintage pieces! 

Price Range: 10 – 590€


Founder Elisabeth Stray Pedersen took over a 60 year old outerwear factory in Oslo back in 2015 and created her brand ESP. Since then ESP has found its signature style, blanket coats made from 100% wool. ESP uses Norwegian lambswool from freely walking sheep in the highlands around Gol in Norway. The fabrics are Woolmark certified and the wool is Nordic Eco labeled. Further, ESP collaborates with a selection of local crafts guilds from Norway. The thread for example is made by someone living by the mountains of Romsdalen. All fabrics are carefully selected and most outerwear is made to order to reduce any possible production waste.

Price Range: 30 – 859€

Søster Studio

Søster Studio is a sustainable high fashion brand with a focus on equality within the fashion industry. The timeless garments are inspired by Scandi design. Søster Studio aims to invite vulnerability, sensuality and intimacy into the everyday mundane. The brand creates with and in nature as this gives the team joy. Further, Søster Studio sees humans, animals and organisms as alike in their differences. The brand uses sustainable materials like TENCEL™ Lyocell and GOTS certified cotton. Even though there is no current collection we hope to see more from Søster Studio in the near future!

Price Range: currently no new collection 


Hasla is a Norwegian jewelry brand based in Valle and founded by the sisters Anne and Gunnhild Hasla. The two sisters take inspiration from the organic shapes of the Norwegian mountains as well as Picasso’s cubism. Hasla is a sustainable brand creating jewelry made from recycled silver delivered in eco-friendly boxes. On top of that, Hasla is working on getting biodegradable bioplastic bags to store the jewelry in. All pieces are made to last as the goal is to make jewelry that can live on for generations. At the workshop in Valle Hasla is devoted to silversmithing and craftsmanship and preserving these traditions for future generations. The factories Hasla works with are located in Bangkok, Thailand and Jaipur, India and are all Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) certified members.

Price Range: 25 – 630€


Kupong is an Oslo-based sustainable knitwear brand. Camilla Dingsøyr and Kristina Hjelde Hatletveit founded the brand in 2018 to create high-quality knitwear. The brand’s goal is to produce unique quality products with traditional knitting techniques and a contemporary design. There are handmade pieces as well as pieces that are machine produced. Kupong only produces small batches and some pieces are on demand. Most of the machine knitwear is made in Europe with yarn from Italian supplier, some are made in China. All handmade knitwear is made in Norway. Kupong mostly uses natural fibres such as Norwegian wool, alpaca, mohair and cotton. You can also find a care guide on the website since good care can ensure a long life of your garment.

Price Range: 74 – 393€


Oleana is a family-owned brand founded in 1992 with the aim of creating new jobs in Norway’s textile industry because most of Western Europe’s production had moved to countries with cheaper labour. Since then Oleana has been going against the mainstream and is cherishing Norway’s long and rich tradition of textile production and patterned knitwear. Oleana wants to preserve these traditions and have full control and knowledge over the materials and production process. Most garments are made from wool, alpaca and silk since they are high in quality and natural resources. On Oleana’s website you can find a group picture as well as individual pictures of all workers in the team’s own factory in Norway. All pieces are made with a Fair Made philosophy to ensure an enjoyable workplace. 

Price Range: 25 – 990€

The Product

THE PRODUCT was born in Oslo in 2015 to create good basics the Scandinavian way. The brand is set to break the stereotypical fashion business of endless collections and trends. Founder Fredrik aims to create high-quality, eco-conscious garments that are comfortable and deliver value for money. Every choice is made with sustainability and social responsibility in mind, from choosing suppliers to fabrics, packaging and even the method of transportation. Instead of seasonal collections or limited collections The Product offers a line of versatile everyday-wear you can enjoy all year round. The brand does not claim to be perfect and strives to do better. THE PRODUCT mainly uses bamboo viscose, GOTS certified organic cotton, vegetable tanned leather and merino wool. Starting in 2021 The Product wants to offer GOTS certified knitwear.

Price Range: 15 – 589€


BRGN was founded in 2015 with the goal to create clothing for Norway’s tough weather conditions. Sustainability is one of the core principles of BRGN and always a part of the brand’s thinking process. BRGN aims to embrace the slow fashion movement and reject fast fashion. The brand explains how long-lasting items and less consumption are the way to go and can unify sustainability with ethics. In order to be as sustainable as possible BRGN uses the five Rs: Reduce, Refuse, Repair, Recycle, Reuse. This manifests as the brand not using any unnecessary components in the packaging, checking the factories regularly, using eco coating for the garments, offering a customer repair service, as well using recycled polyester and offering washing bags and care products. On top of that, BRGN uses leftover fabrics and encourages customers to resell or gift used garments. 

Price Range: 12 – 393€

Northern Playground

NORTHERN PLAYGROUND was founded by two friends with the goal to make better clothing for the Norwegian Playground. The brand recognizes that the textile industry is incredibly polluting and the focus should be on producing, selling and buying less. The brand explains how sustainable materials simply do not exist since all materials have a substantial negative effect on the environment. This is why NORTHERN PLAYGROUND tells its customers to keep clothes as long as possible instead of buying into new trends every year. The brand aims to produce high-quality garments for adventures in Norway’s nature and more. Northern Playground even won awards for its innovative ideas and often lets customers decide what new products should be produced next based on demand – hence the price tag in the brackets. On top of that, the brand offers the guppy friend washing bag – our favourite garment care friend! 

Price Range: 25 – 135 (850)€

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