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Posted in Travel, Denmark — 8. July 2021 — Written by Sophie

While travelling is slowly becoming an actual option again we are still opting for virtual travel – for now! This time around we headed towards Denmark and all its beautiful sustainable brands.

The Danish simplicity has always fascinated me. Whenever I visit Copenhagen I want to switch up my entire wardrobe to flowy floral dresses, grow my hair long and bike everywhere. Once back in Berlin reality catches up with me and I stick to my minimalistic colour palette but the idol of the Danish woman stays at the back of my mind. I have come to love Danish brands over the years because they don’t only cater to the flowy foral dress lover but also to the minimalists. So prepare yourself for the ultimate list of sustainable brands from Denmark!


By Signe is an emerging brand that started out in 2015 and focuses on feminine easy wear. All fabrics are organic and GOTS and Oeko-tex-certified. By Signe’s entire design and production process is gathered under one roof in their studio in Frederikshavn. Through their in-house production, the brand ensures absolute ethical security in a non-discriminating, healthy, safe and positive environment.

Price Range: 46-209€


Woron is a Copenhagen based collaboration between two sisters – Arina and Anya Woron. They have a passion for life in the slow lane and both share an enthusiasm for sustainable underwear & everyday essentials. The brand is cruelty free and PETA approved. The base collection is made from Lenzing Modal and when using cotton they only use GOTS certified fibres. Sounds too good to be true? All underwear is produced using no toxic chemicals, no toxic dyes and no chafing. To this day one of my absolute favourite soft bralettes is from Woron (probably over 5 years old and possibly needing an upgrade but I just can’t part with it – it’s too comfy). On the brand’s about page they also give detailed information about the manufacturers they work with. 

Price range: 14-105€


The Danish brand is having a real moment right now with their natural colour palette from vanilla coloured two sets to beautiful tanned knits. The brand’s “Made with Care” collection has also significantly grown in the last couple of years and BY MALENE BIRGER is pushing to become more and more sustainable. From recycled cotton, wool, and leather, to organic cotton and water-based prints, the “Made With Care” collection utilizes responsibly-sourced materials for the best possible quality. The denim styles in this collection are Nordic Swan Ecolabel certified, one of Denmark’s highest eco-label standards.

Price Range: 35-1608€


Underprotection was founded in 2010 in Denmark with the goal of proving that sustainable fashion can be glamorous. The brand’s slogan is ‘ethics & aesthetic’ for a reason! Underprotection only uses sustainable materials such as recycled polyester, recycled wool, tencel, lyocell and organic cotton. All packaging is either recycled or biodegradable. As a Certified B Corporation™ the brand is legally obligated to consider the impact it has on all workers, customers, suppliers, the community and the planet. The Danish brand aspires to create underwear that makes all customers feel fabulous. Some garments are even vegan approved and all the factories are all WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) certified and work under Oeko-Tex standards. 

Price range: 18 – 120€ 


The Copenhagen based brand is known for its minimalistic yet cool aesthetics. The brand’s concern about nature and the environment is incorporated in its business model and core values. BLANCHE focuses on natural materials as well as recycled synthetic fibres for their collections. Further, the brand addresses proper washing – did you know that by washing your cotton at 40 degrees instead of 60 you save up to 41% of energy – and caring for your clothes on its website. BLANCHE is GOTS, OEKO Tex, BlueDesign and RWS certified. Remember we talked about certifications here if you need to fresh up your knowledge. 

Price Range: 29-439€


Founded in 2016, CARCEL produces clothing from natural materials sourced locally in the region of production – Alpaca in Peru, silk and lyocell in Thailand. The brand does not work within seasons or has sales (ever!). While following the less is more ethos, CARCEL produces in limited quantities to eliminate overproduction. All styles are made by women who are serving sentences in prisons in Peru and Thailand. The employees are mostly single mothers incarcerated for nonviolent, poverty-related crimes such as drug trafficking. Through training and wages CARCEL tries to give them tools to reconnect with their families outside and remap their future. Every piece of CARCEL clothing is signed by its maker, which is such a beautiful detail!

Price Range: 174-240€


Another Danish favourite of mine is the brand STINE GOYA. Focussing on the following three UN Goals: product, people and planet. But what does that mean? The brand has a fabric index in which it outlines which fabrics are going to be used often, frequently, with care and limited use. The current material choices do not align yet with that index but the brand has made progress in the past year and we value the transparency. Further, there will not be a STINE GOYA showpiece capsule collection anymore in the future. In support of their “planet goals” the brand has opened an archive store for you to shop past season pieces as well as samples. A lot of the brand’s goals are mid to long term goals and we have yet to see which progress it will make in the coming years. 

Price Range: 40-510€


Organic Basics offers simple and practical designs using high-quality fabrics and workmanship. Sustainability and transparency is at the core of the brand. You can even find a map of all their factories and partners with detailed information about employee benefits, working hours and more. While the brand mostly focuses on underwear and sportswear it has recently expanded its range and offers some amazing loungewear pieces you can rock in your free time or while working at home. Next to all of that, Organic Basics also supports environmental activists and organizations. You can read more about Organic Basics in our BRAND INDEX

Price Range: 33 – 175€


Mindful fashion pioneers Aiayu set off in 2004 with the idea to create sustainable knitwear in a superior quality for people and planet. In 2006 they launched their first collection made by artisanal communities using luxurious and formerly little-known llama fibre. Today they produce in countries such as Bolivia, India, and Nepal and create garments made of the highest quality cashmere, yak wool and GOTS certified cotton. 

Price Range: 65-435€

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