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Posted in Travel, Australia — 29. June 2021 — Written by Sophie

Once again we are on the go with our virtual travel guides. This time around we landed in our co-founder Sophie’s favourite country – AUSTRALIA – where she spent a lot of time in her early 20s. Since then she has tried to always maintain a little bit of the ease of the Australian women in her own wardrobe. And of course, kept an eye out for any sustainable brands from Australia worth discovering. 

Think beach waves and looking incredibly good in a tank top and shorts – that’s the Australian signature look for you. Some would argue that it’s a very coastal point of view but my point still stands. Natural material choices and recycling are at the core of all of the sustainable brands from Australia that I want to share with you today. So let’s dive in, shall we?


The Byron Bay based brand is known for their simplistic and timeless designs. As a business ST. AGNI believes in its responsibility to promote slower consumption habits among its customers. The brand works directly with artisans in Indonesia & India to bring its pieces to life. The latest collection comprises TENCEL, linen, hemp, silk, yak, organic cotton, wool, which are all biodegradable fabrics. The brand has fully avoided the use of synthetics in this collection, making this season’s RTW 100% natural. The majority of the footwear and accessories are made with leather sourced through silver meddled and gold meddled LWG (Leather Working Group) suppliers. It’s great to hear that since the start of 2020 the brand’s HQ and Byron Bay studio are fully run on solar energy. In addition, the brand has become 90% plastic free in 2021.

Price Range: 71-749 AUD$


The brand was founded as an avenue for the training and employment of women who have experienced sex trafficking, today these women craft premium denim from the finest raw materials from around the world. The brand chose to use organic cotton to create its denims, which is proven to use 91% less water than conventional cotton. The organic cotton is farmed with zero use of agrochemicals, such as pesticides, which is known to reduce soil quality, contribute to water pollution, and severely affect the health of farmers. Further, the brand has a ‘Zero Exploitation’ policy through a supply chain that is currently 94% traceable.

Price Range: 20-269 AUD$


The story begins with the bamboo. Made from organic toxin-free bamboo plants, Boody bamboo is sustainable and requires much less water than cotton plants. Even Boody’s packaging is recycled and the box is printed with vegetable-based ink – we love it! Boody assures that the bamboo is grown without fertilizers or pesticides and only with rain water. On top of that, Boody has multiple certifications including OEKO TEX Standard 100, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), Eco Cert and is vegan approved by PETA. If you would like to find out more about bamboo check out our bamboo article in our Fabric Index.  

Price Range: 9-80 AUD$


100% of Vege Threads garments are made in Australia. The main factory is based locally in Melbourne, which enables the brand to work closely with the makers. The brand’s swimwear is made in a small niche factory, independently run. It’s very important to VEGE THREADS to keep creating work in Australia, not only to help rebuild the manufacturing industry but to create jobs for skilled workers too. The GOTS certified & organic cotton yarn is knitted at local mills and our signature colours are dyed using ACO (Australian Certified Organic) dyes. The remainder of our fabrics are 100 % hemp or organic blends that we purchase from a local supplier. Our swimwear material is made in Italy from recycled nylon ECONYL® and LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™.In addition to this, to ensure the garments traceability and transparency in production, the brand is a proud member of Ethical Clothing Australia. 

Price Range: 30-279 AUD$


Salt Gypsy started as founder Danny’s personal surfing blog in 2012. Nine years later Danny and her team have grown Salt Gypsy into a responsible and sustainable women’s surf company. Salt Gypsy works with veterans of the stretchwear industry and all surfwear is made in Australia. The Italian fabric used in the production – ECONYL® – is made from recycled nylon yarn. Using recycled materials was a no-brainer to the team, the new normal – we definitely agree. Since 2019 Salt Gypsy also offers a range of surfboards.  

Price Range: 25-129AUD$


Camp Cove Swim was launched in October 2013 by Katherine Hampton. As the collection sold out not long after launching, Camp Cove Swim partnered with a swim manufacturer based in Jervis Bay on the South Coast of NSW, Australia to increase production capacity. Our swimsuits are still made with Chamila and her team to this day. Camp Cove Swim believes in the beauty of the female form in all its different shapes and colours. The brand aims to empower women, to challenge the beauty standards that are presented to us every day and to encourage our customers to love and respect their bodies. We incorporate recycled materials where possible, use minimal packaging and use sustainable, ethical practices in our manufacturing. 

Price Range: 28-110 AUD$


KITX is a sustainable luxury brand based in Australia. KITX is committed to consciously sourcing materials and minimising the impact on our planet’s natural resources. The brand aims to be an example of true style for the modern global era with sustainability at its core. KITX uses three pillars that define the brand’s approach to sustainable sourcing: Natural, Upcycle and Artisan. So, from using biodegradable buttons, non-toxic, natural and organic materials, to recycled, upcycled and handmade garments and techniques – you can find them all at KITX. You can also pre-order some of the items which reduces waste. Longevity, caring for your garments correctly and transparency are also at the core of the brand. What else do we love you may ask? KITX shares a list of suppliers – from the compostable packaging to the artisans the brand works with – on the sustainability page. 

Price Range: 20-995AUD$ 


GOOD STUDIOS is a clothing and homewares label championing hemp textiles, celebrating classic contemporary design and providing a platform to educate community and individual consumers around sustainability in fashion. Founded in 2012 by Adelaide based production designer and stylist, Anny Duff, each collection is 100% Australian designed and made. The brand follows a simple timeless colour palette of neutrals, naturals and monochromatics perfect for layering, with seasonal celebrations of colour. designed with the circular life of the garment in mind, our collections consist of small capsule releases exploring sustainable fabrics, oeko-tex certified dyes, recycled zips and biodegradable buttons, running alongside core trans-seasonal staples.

Price Range: 25-419AUD$


AUOR is an independent eyewear and accessories brand that was founded in Sydney, Australia by the two friends Kristen Lindesay and Claire De Luca. The timeless and minimalist models are designed between London and New Zealand and handcrafted in Italy and Germany using high-quality materials from Europe and meeting European work safety and wage standards. The frames are made from cellulose acetate which comes from wood pulp and cotton linters. Therefore, it is plant-based and a renewable resource. The lenses are made by the independent Italian production company Divel Italia very close to AUOR’s production house. Each frame is produced in limited numbers to keep them unique and reduce possible waste. A transparent and traceable supply chain which supports fair practice is at the core of the brand. 

Price Range: 16-375AUD$


FME Apparel is a Melbourne-based sustainable clothing brand founded by designer Maddy Maeve in 2012. The label celebrates creative expression and community through clothing design and photography. FME only produces garments in a small run with a focus on high-quality and organic materials. The goal is to create a beautiful and ethical product. We would love to see more infos on how things are made and what exact percentages of materials are being used in each garment. Further, on its website FME Apparel acknowledges that it stands on Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung country and wants to pay respect to the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung people and their Elders as the traditional custodians of the Australian land. 

Price Range: 25-380AUD$


POST SOLE STUDIO, P.S.S for short is an Australian footwear brand that was born out of the realization of the lack of local production and the love of shoemaking. All shoes are made from locally sourced materials and designed in the brand’s Melbourne studio. Even though not all materials are of Australian origin P.S.S. mostly uses deadstock materials from other factories, including the leather.  P.S.S. is also primarily a made to order brand. Every shoe is created intentionally with a purpose and a reason. The brand’s boxes are made locally and the rubber soles are made to order from a local Australian supplier. Last but not least, P.S.S. offers a care guide as well as repairs and refurbishments – which is always amazing – and aims to minimise its impact wherever it can through recycling and composting as much as possible. 

Price Range: 8-770AUD$


Juliette Harkness and Emma Nelson founded Byron Bay-based DEIJI STUDIOS in 2016 with a vision to create high-quality comfortable linen bedding and a range of loungewear and sleepwear. The brand is a member of 1% for the planet, an initiative of companies pledging to give 1% of proceeds to nonprofits. DEIJI STUDIOS manufactures its products in two family-run factories in China and keeps close contact with them. The collections are made with natural fibres with its linen being 100% OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified and EU certified. The cotton is 100% GOTS certified organic. However, the brand itself does not seem to be GOTS certified. On top of that, DEIJI STUDIOS uses 100% compostable cornstarch packaging.

Price Range: 21-319AUD$


AUGUSTE is a sustainable boutique brand founded by Ebony Eagles in 2015. The brand’s vision is to transcend trends and rather design future vintage pieces that will be loved for decades. Timeless elegant shapes and natural fibres paired with nostalgic prints and a contemporary coast twist is what makes the brand so special. You will find the perfect piece for every occasion. Like some of the other brands in this list AUGUSTE is a proud member of the 1% for the planet initiative. Caring for and repairing garments to ensure longevity is also one of the core values of the brand. The brand acknowledges that we as consumers are faced with many choices making it especially important to know where we put our money. The brand further explains: “Money is an exchange of energy and putting your energy in the right places can create a revolution”. 

Price Range: 14-249AUD$


The Australian brand BASSIKE has been creating garments responsibly since 2006. The brand’s values centers on respect for the community, local industry and the planet. This is why it makes authentic clothes honestly and sustainably. The brand’s three principles are: considered design, responsible business and sustainable manufacturing. In order to support manufacturing onshore, BASSIKE produces its fabric and garments locally with natural and sustainable fibres. The brand strives to be as green as possible and pays respect to the past, present and future traditional custodians and elders of Australia, as well as the continuation of cultural, spiritual and educational practices of aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. 

Price Range: 24-2.995AUD$


The sustainable brand from Australia LOIS HAZEL was launched in 2015 and is committed to sustainable and ethical practices. The brand creates garments that feel luxurious and comfortable. Being 100% transparent on sourcing and production is one of the brand’s core values. Each garment is made with craftsmanship and completed either in house or by a network of local seamstresses in Australia. Each collection incorporates sustainable materials like deadstock, organic and traceable fabrics to minimise waste and continue its commitment to a more sustainable industry. LOIS HAZEL only uses 100% natural fabrics, recycled materials and deadstock as well as organic, certified by GOTS and others as well as traceable fabrics right from its raw form. You can find a list of the brand’s suppliers and manufacturers on their website. Last but not least, LOIS HAZEL is also in the process of switching to biodegradable corozo buttons, 100% recycled zips, biodegradable zips and more.  

Price Range: 25-495AUD$


Founder Margie Woods established VIKTORIA & WOODS in 2004 with the idea to create effortless staples with a modern feel. All pieces are created with the intention to be handed down to loved ones and friends in the future and with the ability to be worn year-round. Certified merino wool is the sustainable fashion label’s signature fibre. The Australian non-mulesed wool comes from a family-run farm in Victoria and the offshore mills meet multiple standards and certificates like OEKO TEX and the Responsible Wool Standard. However, the label has expanded into a ready-to-wear brand offering premium denim, footwear, lounge and occasion wear made from natural and recycled materials. Most pieces are made in Australia since a local supply chain is preferred and most garments are Ethical Clothing Australia accredited.

Price Range: 49-1.350AUD$


VAN DER KOOIJ (VDK) is a luxury womenswear label that was established to combine design and sustainability. Every collection tells a unique story and is created with a focus on design, local production and the environment. VDK aims to provide high-quality products with as little of an impact on our planet as possible. 90-95% of products are manufactured locally in Melbourne. Each garment is hand finished in the brand’s studio and in limited production to reduce excess stock and waste while highlighting the exclusivity of the garments. Organic fibres are GOTS certified whenever possible. VDK only uses chromium free leather that has been naturally tanned with vegetable extracts. On top of that, VDK has implemented a Plant-a-Tree program through Carbon Neutral Australia.

Price Range: 349-999AUD$


MILK & THISTLE is a sustainable Bangalow-based fashion brand produced in Sydney, Australia. Founder Danielle Atkinson started the brand in 2006 with the goal to explore her printmaking. The brand celebrates the marriage of designs, print, ceramics and homewares and collaborates with local artists for the prints. Each garment is sampled, cut and made locally in Australia within the brand’s small team. The small production chain allows the team to stay in constant communication with each other. Every collection is made in small quantities to reduce waste. All in all, the brand aims to take a considered approach to what it produces each season and strives to give its customers a mixture of past favourites and new additions all while being as sustainable as possible.

Price Range: 120-289AUD$


Diverging from the typical ‘four collections per year’ model, HAKEA reduces waste by releasing small collections on an inspiration-only basis, or evolving and expanding according to customer feedback. The brand produces all pieces at a small manufacturer in Bali. In 2018 it began producing a selection of pieces using Econyl; a high quality Italian recycled nylon, made entirely from regenerated ghost fishing nets, discarded ocean plastics and fabric mill scraps. Each HAKEA order comes in a reusable calico bag with compostable labels that are printed with non-toxic ink in a solar powered factory and all packaged in a 100% biodegradable and compostable Better Packaging post satchel made from corn starch. As part of our commitment to protecting the environment the brand also partners with 1% For The Planet and donates 1% of its annual sales to conserve and preserve natural spaces.

Price Range: 90-280AUD$


The brand was launched with 100 pairs of tights in a plastic tub, a homemade website and no marketing budget by Stevie and Nadia. Fast forward to now and the brand has its own warehouse in Queensland and a HQ. This growth is a testament to the demand for better activewear options and a more diverse representation of women wearing it! ACTIVE TRUTH sources Australian Merino wool, organic cotton, organic bamboo and recycled polyester. The brand is also working closely with our textile supplier to transition to recycled or natural fabrics for all our products. Remaining fabrics are donated to schools and to a local refugee charity to supply materials for their sewing programs instead of it going to waste.

Price Range: 50-140AUD$


Founded in 2015 by Melbourne designer Melinda Andaloro, SAROKA is recognised for its striking, yet super versatile garments. After several years of working in fashion, Melinda became frustrated by the lack of size inclusion and diversity within the industry. So she set out to break every rule in the book, catering for women up to a size 16. Beginning with the design process, filtering through to the wearing experience, the brand aims to empower women to feel incredible no matter what their shape or size. All while focusing on slow and sustainable fashion. Each garment is hand made to order in Melbourne, eliminating fabric and stock waste.

Price Range: 100-420AUD$

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