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Posted in Mode, Brand Watch — 24. June 2021 — Written by Sophie

Style does not need gender. So why are we still stuck in a binary construct of fashion instead of embracing gender neutral clothing? We want to share some of our favourite gender neutral brands with you today.

It’s not all bad though the fashion industry is changing and so are runways. From Gucci to Fendi, luxury brands are breaking with gender norms. But what gender neutral brands are already out there?


The US brand is a conscious apparel company focusing on slow fashion. From its unique dyes using hibiscus or sustainable wood bark, to its attention to sustainable materials and local production the brand puts sustainable processes at its core. The brand uses organic cotton sourced from Japanese farms, unique wool and woven rice paper blends as well as linen from flax fields. OLDER BROTHERS believes in creating garments which can be worn by anybody and continues to produce genderless pieces.

Price Range: 100-248€


A.BCH gets major props for its role as a truly pioneering circular fashion label (as it should), but it also gets credit for doing away with its gendered sections in-store and online. A.BCH is an independent Melbourne fashion label founded on total transparency in an effort to provide honestly engineered fashion for conscious consumers. From sourcing sustainable fibres, threads and components to advocating for local manufacturing, A.BCH considers the entire lifecycle of each piece it makes. Designed for the discerning eye and those with a fondness for a neutral aesthetic, A.BCH’s offering is a line of earth elevated basics. The label doesn’t have men’s or women’s sections on its website and the designs are not overtly masculine or feminine, but Courtney Holm does design with gender in mind.

Price Range: 67-542€


The sustainable brand was set up with the aim of tackling overproduction and overconsumption. Circularity is the end goal for RILEY STUDIO. This means they always look for recycled options first to utilise what’s already put out there. The next best option is responsibly sourced natural fibres with an emphasis on certified fabrics so that the team can feel confident that they are using the most sustainable options available. To stick to the topic of circularity they also have a recycle and repurpose program which means you can send them your used pieces so they don’t end in landfill. Traceability and transparency aren’t just marketing buzz words for the brand. They disclose all factories from production facilities to the mills and finally where they source the yarn from. You can get to know the brand even more in our Brand Index. 

Price Range: 45-295€


The NYC based brand ECKHAUS LATTA is actively closing the gap between gender-specific and sexless apparel. Eckhaus Latta’s “women’s” NYFW shows have consistently featured unisex designs on both males and females. It’s the brand’s autonomous nature that allows it to adapt its clothing to how the designers see fit. The Spring Summer 2021 collection features garments such as hoodies, printed knitwear and hand-sewn dresses, which are crafted from crocheted remnants of doilies and various velvet burnout dresses.

Price Range: 46-462€


The UK based brand provides quality pieces that are designed to last and its conscious approach to fashion focuses on minimising the environmental impact. Sourcing sustainable materials accompanied by modern textile innovations allows SOLANE STUDIO to produce items responsibly without compromise. All products are produced in Italy or Portugal by ethically run facilities using the latest technology. All t-shirts and hoodies are made using 100% organic cotton. Trousers are made with comfort in mind, with a 3-material blend achieving maximum breathability and durability. The brand goes further into detail about the material choices on its website.

Price Range: 35-256€


One DNA’s gender-neutral pieces break down the boundary between womenswear and menswear without sacrificing style. The brand produces its collections in safe and fair conditions at independent workshops in New York City. Their collections are made to wear and repair over the long term, and the brand regularly offers eco-conscious items. One DNA is an independently owned and operated small business. The brand is a black and queer owned business. I desperately want the brand’s “Women are powerful” fisher hat! 

Price Range: 9-108€


Kingsley Gbadegesin is a first-generation Nigerian-American and a New York–based creator working to advance liberation for the Black community, the Queer community, and People of Color. Building on his years of experience working for the likes of Versace, Celine, and Loewe, he’s the founder and creator behind K.NGSLEY— a Black-owned brand aiming to reclaim and redefine the Black, Queer, Femme body and to create the tangible, direct support communities need today.

Price Range: 29-151€


To founder Scott Sternberg, clothes are a global language, and while he doesn’t described his brand to be a genderless fashion line, the majority of its offerings are pretty adrogynous. Think pinstriped shirts, cotton tees, matching shorts, sweaters and joggers and so on. Currently the brand sources fabric and manufactures in Europe, India, Japan, Korea, and China. The brand opts for sustainable fabrics wherever it can and already uses organic cotton as well as recycled cotton. So if you’re looking to curate a basics unisex capsule collection, ENTIREWORLD is a great place to start – especially because of the brand’s affordable price points. 

Price Range: 15-195€


I AND ME is a sustainable gender neutral denim and lifestyle brand based in East London, UK. Founded on the primary aim of delivering contemporary solutions, I AND ME surpasses seasonal trends by developing garments to withstand the test of time. The brand’s focus is on fabrication and function, which allows each collection to move at its own pace – reflecting the moment rather than the season. Natural yarns and authentic selvedge constructions woven on original shuttle looms are key to the sourcing and product development which drive the aesthetic across the brand. 

Price Range: 58-344€


Caur is a french sustainable athleisure brand that respects life in all its forms. The brand’s goal is not to erase gender, but to reduce the impact of gender stereotypes that accompany gender labels. 100 % Materials and components are recycled or organic to lower the impact on the environment and to limit our use of virgin natural resources. CAUR works with European eco-certified factories to guarantee the biological composition of the products and respect for environmental and social standards. Within Paris the brand even delivers your order via bike! 

Price Range: 40-88€


Founded in 2019 by London-based husband-and-wife duo Ola and Cerise Alabi, Cold Laundry is a gender-neutral brand that offers up everyday staples like loose trousers, cosy puffer coats, oversized sweaters and longline hoodies in sensual tones such as forest greens, mocha browns, taupe-like greys and a range of nude shades. The brand puts people of colour at the forefront of everything they do. One of its founding principles is ensuring that the brand adds value with everything it puts out.

Price Range: 99-215€


IJJI is a genderless clothing label founded in 2016. It’s defined by a focus on natural fibers, beautiful colors and interesting silhouettes. As a brand, IJJI is committed to growing slowly and responsibly, rejecting the idea that more is better. Our desire is to create clothing that will be considered and purchased with care. IJJI manufactures in California, as close to the design studio as possible so that the brand can stay involved in every step.

Price Range: 58-336€


Melbourne label Nique has always had a monochromatic, androgynous-leaning aesthetic, but still wanted to put a stamp on a dedicated genderless range with its U capsule collection of lifestyle pieces. Ranging from sharply tailored pieces to relaxed knitwear, it’s clear that there has been a lot of thought put into the construction of garments so that they’ll fit any gender without being shapeless. Consistent with the Nique design ethos, the unisex collection marries non-exclusive function with elevated basics that suit all aspects of everyday life.

Price Range: 62-347€

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