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Posted in Mode, Conscious Shopping — 10. June 2021 — Written by Sophie

Berlin has successfully skipped spring as per usual and we are diving head first into summer which brings me to your favourite topic the summer capsule wardrobe!

You loved our spring capsule wardrobe so each team member once again searched the internet high and low for the perfect summer capsule wardrobe pieces. If you are not familiar with the concept of a capsule wardrobe just yet – do not worry – we got you covered. Just give our spring capsule wardrobe article a read. One thing is for sure the ASHIFT team is so ready for summer!


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Dress 250€ / Fisher hat 50€ / Earrings 128€ / Linen Shirt 140€ / Linen Shorts 155€ / Top 50€ / Swimsuit 120€ / Cashmere Knit 285€ / Denim Shorts 80€ / Sandals 119€ / Blouse 190€ / Necklace 345€ / Hat 118€ Trousers 99€ / Bag 212€ / Kitten Heels 119€ / Knit Skirt 225€ / Knit Bralette 100€ / Bicycle Shorts 80€

My wardrobe is a mix of blacks, whites and of course beiges. Occassionally there might be a colour that manages to sneak into it but overall I go with my big three! For my capsule wardrobe I looked at pieces that I have already in my wardrobe and found sustainable alternatives for you guys – so basically all these pieces are already part of my summer wardrobe (more or less I would still love those ALOHA’S sandals and kitten heels).

I love mixing and matching sets any time of the year but there is something nice about being able to just put on a set and you are ready to go out in summer. In recent years I have also started shying away from leaving my skin out in the sun all day – especially my face. Therefore, you will see me wearing caps or cute little fisher hats all summer (how CUTE is the gingham fisher hat?!). 


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Top 279€ / Hoops 84€ / Sunglasses 225€ / Top 239€ / Necklace 216€ / Lavender Top 50€ / Tank Top 59€ / Crop Top 43€ / Cardigan 113€ / Dress 445€ / Off White Top 64€ / Black Top 30€ / Black Trousers 235€ / Bag 202€ / White Shorts 79€ / Dressy Shoes 102€ Pre-Order / Sneakers 140€ / Shorts 80€ / Swimwear 165€ / Ring 102€

The colours I like wearing most are usually greys and whites with some blues or pastels thrown in. Sometimes you will catch me wearing black but to be quite honest I don’t think black suits me well. A yellow dress paired with some gold jewellery makes the perfect simple evening outfit for nights when you want to sip some wine with your friends on a balcony – if the situation allows it by summer. We can dream! A casual white top or even a lavender top to add some colour paired with some jeans shorts remind me of Malibu beach days. With the Hunzag bikini under it it makes the perfect casual summer outfit. Even though this summer may only consist of lying in my backyard to catch a tan or going to the park reading a book. Still sounds pretty nice though doesn’t it?

I feel like summer always gives people a sense of normalcy again – going for a walk, lying down in the park, getting ice cream or iced coffee on the go. Plus, at this point we are all used to wearing masks right? Putting on the Sazzo sunglasses from Nanushka on top of a mask will definitely make me feel like I’m on a secret mission to get a watermelon and strawberries from the local supermarket! 


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Dress 133€ / Necklace 189€ / Bikini Top 64€ / Bikini Bottom 60€ / Underwear Set 61€ / White Tank Top 50€ / Jeans 119€ / Hat 45€ / White Shorts 70€ / Hoops 29€ / Sunglasses 160€ / Bag 69€ / Crop Top 48€ / Trousers 101€ / Blazer 184€ / White Bag 55€ / Black Sandals 110€ / Heeled Sandals 130€ / Sneakers 100€ / Dress 99€

To me, having a capsule wardrobe should always aim to make the perfect outfit easy and quick to access. With a capsule wardrobe you might own a smaller amount of clothing but it will not mean your outfit options are limited or boring. It’s quite the opposite! For everyone struggling to get started with a capsule wardrobe, summer can be a great moment to start. Especially, if you are like me and always have key pieces that are the most comfortable and you end up wearing them all summer long anyways!

My personal tip when putting your capsule wardrobe together is to ask yourself: Would you bring this on vacation? When travelling, you most likely don’t have enough storage, at least this is how I always experience it, but you still want to be able to look your best each day! This is why this capsule wardrobe is a potpourri of sophisticated and cute pieces that can be easily mixed and matched! Then, only add your favourite jewellery that makes you happy – like my personal favourite the smile pearl necklace from Wald Berlin and you are ready to go!

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