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Posted in Travel, Mexico — 7. June 2021 — Written by Mona

We are currently writing all about our favourite sustainable brands from different countries since traveling and shopping abroad is not quite possible right now. Maybe you have already seen some of the other articlesThis week we want to talk all about sustainable brands from Mexico. Especially since one of our international followers on Instagram asked us to cover Mexico.

Let us take you on a virtual trip to the beautiful land of margaritas, chocolate and amazing food. In our list of the top 10 sustainable brands from Mexico you will find an amazing mixture of trendy pieces, comfortable must-haves and traditional artisanal pieces made with indigenous techniques.  


One sustainable brand from Mexico we are loving is Alejandra Raw. Founder Alejandra Márquez García was born in Guadalajara and grew up in Mexico. She decided to create a brand that cares for the earth while also focusing on quality over quantity. The brand offers garments for women, men and children. Alejandra Raw utilises and designs textiles that are a cultural expression, using techniques from Mexican origins, such as the pedal loom, hand-knitting and antique textiles. Further, the sustainable brand from Mexico also uses pieces from up-cycled materials to avoid waste. 

Price range: 30 – 245€


Carla Fernández is a sustainable luxury fashion brand based in Mexico City and is dedicated to preserving and revitalising the textile legacy of indigenous communities of Mexico. The brand’s goal is to prove that ethical fashion can be innovative, avant-garde and progressive on top. Moreover, the brand’s team travels throughout Mexico visiting communities of artisans who specialize in handmade textiles and indigenous techniques. In addition, the company is a certified B corporation which guarantees that best practices are implemented in all areas of the brand.

Price range: 212 – 856€


Someone Somewhere is a sustainable womenswear and menswear brand from Mexico. The brand also creates some amazing travel backpacks. On top of that, Someone Somewhere is a certified B corporation guaranteeing that every purchase contributes to the development and economic well-being of the garment workers who are 98% women.The brand explains that the team’s commitment is to benefit society and the environment. Lastly, all production is local and artisanal craftsmanship is at the core of the brand. Someone Somewhere produces in the poorest states of Mexico and has the goal to reduce poverty and provide secure and diverse sources of income for artisans. 

Price range: 17 – 115€


Another one of the sustainable brands from Mexico we are loving is LES FILLES DU NORD. It is a beachwear brand made in Mexico despite the French name. However, the name does tell us more about the two founders. Angelica Tovar and Daniela Garza, two friends from Northern Mexico created the brand in 2015. LES FILLES DU NORD was founded with the idea of creating a limited edition beach and loungewear collection that is 100% made locally in Mexico and combines comfort with design. Further, the brand’s designs feature artisanal embroidery and work that supports Mexican indigenous communities. Most of the pieces are made from either 100% cotton or 100% linen. 

Price range: 44 – 362€


Selvaggi Swimwear is a proudly Mexican brand born in 2017. The sustainable brand offers the perfect swimwear for men and women who are into bold prints and designs. The designer and founder Norma García made all pieces reversible so you get at least two different looks for the price of one. Further, Selvaggi Swimwear uses recycled nylon from Italy and ECONYL® made from fishing nets that are collected from the oceans. The sustainable swimwear brand is outspoken on fast fashion and aims to help clean the oceans through donating $1 to the Healthy Seas organization. 

Price range:  17 – 54€


Amor & Rosas is an ethical fashion brand from Mexico bringing together modern designs with touches of Mexican handmade embroidery. The sustainable brand from Mexico shows the unique and authentic look of Mexican culture in a modern way. Creating high-quality pieces is the priority of Amor & Rosas. By partnering with artisans across multiple villages Amor & Rosas is supporting their livelihood and reviving ancestral techniques. Transparency is a core value of the brand and at least 20% of production costs go to the villages producing the artisanal items. Lastly, the brand is a certified B corporation. 

Price range: 13 – 466€


Void is a secondhand and vintage store based in Mexico city and therefore definitely falls into the category ‘sustainable brands from Mexico’. You can find everything at Void, from luxury items to graphic tees, to sporty vintage pieces and trendy accessories. The vintage shop also offers amazing fashion items. So, if you ever feel like filling the void maybe Void is the perfect sustainable solution! 

Price range: 19 – 2963 € 


Hemlock is a PETA vegan approved accessory brand from Mexico. The name Hemlock comes from the Hemlock trees that can get a thousand years old and reach immense heights providing shelter and shade for various animals. To protect the environment and the balance of the ecosystem Hemlock was created to offer vegan alternatives and counter pollution that is harming said ecosystem. The Hemlock pineapple acts as a symbol for the brand’s commitment. 

Price range: 70-280€


Bamboo Life is a Mexican glasses brand that seeks to create high-quality products and aims to make this world a better place. The ultimate goal is to make the world a little more sustainable by creating frames that are partially made of bamboo. Further, the glasses are produced in Asia and locally in Mexico. A part of the proceeds is being donated to various organizations helping the homeless or fighting deforestation. Bamboo Life believes that we should be more careful and responsible with the resources we have. Therefore, the brand decided to produce with bamboo since it is one of the fastest growing renewable resources. We wrote more about bamboo here

Price range: 6-102€


The last brand in our top 10 sustainable brands from Mexico is Fábrica Social. Fábrica Social is a social and sustainable brand from Mexico that is dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of the knowledge, techniques and craft of indigenous artisans. The brand focuses on handmade clothing and textiles, providing design tools, organization, administration and marketing the final product made by local artisans. Fábrica Social firm believes in fair trade, the importance of transparency, equal opportunities, autonomy, dignity, creativity and more. On the website you can find out more about the production places and the women behind the work.

Price range: 35 – 190 € 

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