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Posted in Travel, Netherlands — 13. May 2021 — Written by Julia

Today, the travel guide to another country brings us on a virtual trip to the Netherlands. One of the personal favourites of our co-founder Julia. She has been studying and living in the Netherlands for almost three years now and is extremely excited to share all the exciting sustainable brands from there, especially the ones based in Amsterdam. The city is home to many amazing sustainable brands and sustainable fashion initiatives like FashionForGood

The Amsterdam style could be described as casual, yet well styled with a mix of vintage and temporary pieces – and definitely functional. The weather conditions there can change probably three times in between leaving your house and unlocking your bike, therefore functional clothes that prepare you for any weather situation is quintessential. The sustainable brands from the Netherlands we are showing you today offer sustainable essentials that are a great foundation for any modern and functional wardrobe.


MUD Jeans is a pioneer when it comes to circularity with its leasing and recycling system. The founder Bert van Son chose jeans because they are considered one of the most polluting items in fashion, consuming enormous amounts of water and chemicals. You can lease a pair of jeans for 12 months, with a monthly fee of 9,95€. After this time you can either keep them, swap them for another pair or send them back for free where they will get recycled into new jeans. MUD JEANS focus on a short supply chain where it keeps close contact with everyone involved. You can find out more about MUD Jeans in our brand index.

Price range: 89-149€


Kuychi’s journey started over 20 years ago in Peru. The founder Peter Schuitema was shocked by the pollution and poverty of the cotton industry there. By collaborating with local cotton farmers he wanted to stimulate fair produced organic cotton with no toxic chemicals. No brands at this time were interested in buying organic fabrics. So, Peter Schuitema decided to found a brand himself. Kuyichi Pure Goods was born and so the first brand to sell 100% organic cotton jeans. One main factor for the brand is transparency, it is vital when creating a sustainable supply chain. Kuychi believes only by knowing where your products are made, you can start to improve practices throughout the chain.

Price range: 35-140€


Founders Jolle and Daniel wanted clothes that don’t have any necessary branding, hidden plastic or excessive prices. They built Unrecorded with one permanent clothing range with all year around, unisex basics that weave together style and sustainability. All their garments are produced in the EU, mainly in Portugal. They value transparency and only work with partners that take environmental and social standards seriously. Partners are visited regularly and listed in the information for each garment. Besides this, they display how prices came to be. By directly selling they avoid unnecessary cost and mark-ups.  Thereby they can offer their clothes at affordable prices.

Price range: 38-165€


Capsule Studio is an Amsterdam-based fashion startup offering essential women’s wardrobe pieces inspired by confident, successful and entrepreneurial women. They approach women’s suits from different angles as you can see with their cosy version of suits or in their current summer collection with pieces made from 100% Italian linen. Responsible and local production, as well as limited quantities, are essential for them. Capsule Studio is a 100% European brand. The first collection was produced in a small factory in Poland. They could work closely with everyone there and give back to the community, since the factory plays a huge role for the employment there.  All their designs and logistic operations are centred in Amsterdam.

Price range: 60-100€


Noumenon was founded by Dena Simaite, an alumna of the local Amsterdam Fashion Institute. Dena’s vision was to create a brand that combines cruelty-free and ethically produced fashion with aesthetics.  With her sustainable and timeless designs, she wants to break the fast fashion cycle and focus on slow fashion where less is more. Every fabric and garment finds its origin in Europe, to reduce CO2 emissions in transportation. Beyond that, all orders placed in Amsterdam are delivered by 100% electric cars. In the online shop, you can also find other brands that share similar aesthetics to Noumenon.

Price range: 12-288€


Another sustainable brand from the Netherlands is MAIUM. Amsterdam experiences at least 130 days of rain every year! So, of course, we had to include a raincoat brand! The brand MAIUM was founded by two friends from Amsterdam who noticed the lack of rainwear that was stylish yet functional. Inspired by years of wet commutes they decided to design their rainwear that adapts to unpredictable weather conditions. When designing the raincoats they seek durable and sustainable alternatives in an attempt to restore the link between fashion and nature. For the raincoats, you receive a full year warranty, where you can exchange your raincoat when damaged and they will give it a second life!

Price range: 35-299€


The Amsterdam-based brand was founded last year by founder Amé Raaphorst and Zoë Ginus. The idea for ORTHODOXX came from providing people with high-quality apparel in various colours, all created ethically. All garments and bags are made in Amsterdam in their atelier. Not only do they save greenhouse gas emission and energy they also contribute to the local economy, while they can be closely involved in the production process. They also want to contribute to the empowerment of newcomers, through collaboration they work together with talented craftsmen from Syria, who ran a successful tailoring company there once, and now create beautiful pieces in the heart of Amsterdam. 

Price range: 44€-69€


GLYNIT is another great Amsterdam-based brand established last year. The vegan brand’s design always translates that ‘it-bag’ feeling and is characterized by its playful and colourful aesthetics. The brand focuses on becoming as responsible as possible when it comes to choosing vegan, non-leather, eco-friendly materials. They are honest in saying that as a commercial business, they will never be perfect. Nevertheless, they are committed to mitigating the adverse effects on the planet as much as possible. Currently, they have their statement Molly bag, which is inspired by the ’90s. A cute bag to spice up any outfit! It comes in many colour options from lilac, pink to green and all cost 69€.

Price range: 69€


LENA Library is another type of fashion concept store. Just as in a library you can go there but instead of books, you can borrow clothes there. 
The idea to found LENA came from the hope to raise awareness for the negative effects of consumerism and the ever-increasing mountains of textile waste dumped each year. LENA offers a great alternative to this with vintage pieces and clothes from local brands. You can see the whole collection online and pay for it with a monthly subscription. If you have fallen in love with a piece after the month, you can also buy it with a 10% discount on the original price. 

Price range: 7-60€

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