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Posted in Travel, Spain — 29. April 2021 — Written by Sophie

This new series came to life after another team call in which we all came to the conclusion that we miss being free to travel the world! Besides all the restrictions in daily life the COVID crisis has really put a halt to exploring the world. Beautiful initiatives like the window swap website help for a little moment and then leave us even more desperate to pack our bags and leave!

Instead of our sustainable travel guides from different cities around the world in which we want to highlight local brands, concept stores, restaurants and much more we are starting with “OUR FAVOURITE SUSTAINABLE BRANDS FROM…” series. Since it’s probably become clear to most of you I have a thing for Spanish brands and without further ado let’s dive into my favourite sustainable brands from Spain.


All garments include a transparency tag with a QR code to access the story and the impact behind your Thinking MU garment. This data has been carefully traced and verified by BCOME. Certified by Global Recycled Standard as well as GOTS. Thinking Mu is repurposing the “trash” into new garments for you and offers a return service for your old Thinking Mu pieces. Do you need more reasons to love the brand? The brand also uses the natural fabric hemp (remember we love the fabric!) not only for their regular collection but also mixed with organic cotton for their denim collection. 

Price Range: 39,99-139,99€


Mónica Cordera is an ethical and sustainable fashion brand from Spain offering quality pieces and wardrobe essentials made with natural fibers to last beyond a single season. Behind the brand are two sisters, Monica and Maria, who strive to recognize the human beings behind the clothes we wear everyday. A sustainable business model is at the core of Mónica Cordera meaning that production is 100% made in Spain. Again, knowing the people behind the garments is extremely important to the sisters. They have trusting and long lasting relationships with all their small family factories. Each collection has limited stock to ensure that there won’t be any dead stock. Trust me I have countless times been on the sad side of this as hero pieces of every collection sell out FAST.  

Price Range: 119-359€


Ecoalf was born in 2009 in Spain. Founder Javier Goyeneche wanted to create a truly sustainable fashion brand and believed the most sustainable thing to do was to stop using natural resources in a careless way. Recycling could be a solution if he was able to make a new generation of recycled products with the same quality and design as the best non recycled. As a proud member of the B-Corp community Ecoalf acknowledges that its goal is not to be the biggest company in the world but the best for the world. The brands supply chain is transparent and traceable for Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 to guarantee that all processes meet the correct environmental management in all of their facilities. All their suppliers are OEKO TEX, ISO14001 and bluedesign certified. And there is more! But we could probably fill more than 1000 words about all of Ecoalfs efforts and certifications. 

Price Range: 39,90-249,90€


The ready-to-wear designer brand is based in Barcelona, Spain. With its contemporary style the brand quickly made its way to our teams heart. While the brand doesn’t like to label itself as sustainable they do carefully select recycled fibers, certified by the global recycled standard, organic fibres certified by GOTS and certified vegan fibers. They work with suppliers who match their values. The all female design team works with the utmost attention to detail and skilled craftsmanship. All factories are based in the brand’s hometown Barcelona to keep distances at a minimum as well as to keep a close relationship with the factories. 

Price Range: 109-454€


Founder Ariadna Garrido launched the brand in 2017 after working as a designer in the fashion industry for the past 11 years. Besides studying fashion design in Barcelona she has also majored in painting and photography which is evident in the brand’s aesthetic and detailing to visual communication. Clō focuses on the slow fashion movement. All swimwear is made from sustainable and certified materials locally in Barcelona. Additionally, the fabrics used for the garments are explained and listed in detail on the brand’s website – we were excited to see a brand with such a transparent approach.

Price Range: 50-166€


When I looked at the BABAA website I spotted in a split second that the brand put a lot of thought into every step of their supply chain to make it as sustainable as possible. The brand serves you all the basic essentials you will ever need in your wardrobe. Every single knit is produced in Spain to support the local textile industry. The yarn is also sourced locally from Spanish sheeps. The brand goes into great detail in the about section about each person crucial for their production. A lot of sustainable knitwear brands use the natural colour of yarn. BABAA has developed a technique that uses 60% less water than the industry standard and involves no bleaching or toxic waste.

Price Range: 90-320€


The Spanish brand’s ‘motif is ‘selecting rather than accumulating’. For the two sisters that means slowing down the pace of consumption and working towards building a wardrobe that transcends seasons. The world created around the brand is beautiful to look at and incredibly inspiring. The duo aims to provoke women to curate and create their own dressing ritual, layering pieces in infinite ways. The RUS head office is a short distance to the family owned company in Portugal that carefully crafts the knits. This makes it possible for the founders to frequently visit the suppliers and ensure good working conditions. The yarns that are used for the knits are selected from Italian spinners to reduce carbon footprint and ensure that the yarns follow the highest European guidelines and standards of certification. 

Price Range: 90-350€


The brand was founded by Fiona in 2019 and is an ethical swimwear brand from Palma de Mallorca. It produces sustainable bikinis and bodies, as well as beachwear like dresses and skirts in Brazil. NAKĀWE uses AMNI Soul Eco® yarn from Rhodia ®, which is the first sustainable and biodegradable nylon in the world. On top of that, the brand has a very close relationship to its sewers in Brazil as the founder’s husband’s family lives close by. Her husband and son also help her out with taking the amazing pictures on NAKĀWE’s Instagram. Sustainability is truly at the brand’s core which we also found out in an interview with founder Fiona. You can read it here. NAKĀWE does not use any plastic packaging and instead each piece will be put into a fabric pouch.

Price Range: 29-89€


The brand was founded with the intention of creating garments that are not only fair to our planet but also to the people who live on that planet. No toxic dyes or harmful chemicals are being used in the production of their pieces made from organic cotton or recycled polyester. On top of that, the brand produces locally in Spain. The campaign images as well as their social media channels are including all sorts of bodies and while their sizing only goes up to XL it seems to be size that caters plus size, too. If you are interested in even more info about the brand you can find them in our BRAND INDEX.

Price Range: 15-50€


Ok ok I admit it I am crushing on HEREU in all regards some of you might have seen the brand popping up in our conscious shopping inspirations. The brand makes the most beautiful bags, leather accessories and of course shoes! They produce everything locally in Spain and work with local artisans in the process. While most of their pieces are made from calf leather they source it locally and want to celebrate the craft of leather works. Each piece symbolises the region’s heritage in a modern and timeless way for you. The brand’s iconic loafer and boots are usually selling out super fast – so it’s a matter of being quick!  

Price Range: 255-530€


If there is a website worth translating then it is for sure the website of Mireia Playà! Unless – unlike me – you are fluent in Spanish. The brand seeks to create shoes, which are vegan but also made from as much recycled and sustainable materials as possible. One of the materials the brand uses most in their collections is suede or better artificial suede, which has the same feeling to it but improved performance. Their sustainable alternative to nappa leather is corn “leather”. The brand’s recycled materials are all certified by the Global Recycled Standard. Finally, MIREIA PLAYA is a Peta approved vegan brand.  

Price Range: 99-175€


Between Mallorca and Berlin the brand Act.Series produces beautiful leather footwear and accessories. Act only employs high quality materials and works with artisanal processes: its leather shoes are hand-made in Spain using 100% natural leather and suede. To a great extent informed by its Mediterranean origins, Act stands for a great attention to detail and strives to make products that are spontaneous and simple. From personal experience I can vouch for the longevity of the footwear. I own a pair of Espadrilles and a pair of loafers by Act.Series and they are still in such a good condition even though I have been wearing the former for at least 3 years. 

Price Range: 80-250€


Born in Barcelona and surrounded by the Mediterranean Nolands aims to develop quality and sustainable sunglasses for conscious souls. They consider themselves a slow business that values craftsmanship where dedication overtops productivity and senseless velocity. We love it! Their sunglasses are a result of balancing creativity, integrity with innovation and a clear vision on quality and design. I mean what more do you want? Other than sitting in Barcelona right now and enjoying some tapas in the sun while wearing echo polarized sunnies of course! Further, they have resolved to destine 5% of every purchase in their online shop, to environmental and charity projects such as WeForest and 1%for the planet.

Price Range: 190€

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