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Posted in Travel, Italy — 15. April 2021 — Written by Mona

With all the lockdowns due to the pandemic and no vaccination appointments in sight in many countries we can only dream about travelling far away. In this series we want to highlight local sustainable brands in different countries that we would love to travel to. Since we can’t actually travel right now this is the closest we are getting for now. Come join us on our digital fashion trip around the world!

Today we want to highlight the best sustainable brands from Italy. Because of local production as well as being close to many other European countries Italy is the perfect spot for a sustainable fashion brand. We are always a fan of avoiding CO2 emissions thanks to short distance shipping! 

If you are European you know that Italy is one of the most beautiful places for a nice vacation. The culture, the sights, the nature, the history and especially the food – my favourite part – take you to a different universe. On top of that, Italy is a fashion hot spot with Milan at its heart. As Italy is also well known for its shoe and leather work as well as wool from the Alps we had to have a look into the wonderful world of sustainable brands from Italy. So of course we put them all into a list for you!



Wuuls is a sustainable knitwear brand from Italy and made in Italy. Founded in 2019 by a brother and a sister who grew up in the central Apennines Wuuls strives to create timeless wool jumpers made with care. Wuuls uses no synthetic fibres to make garments high-quality, natural and easy to recycle post consumer life. The knitwear brand uses merino wool from Gran Sasso National Park in Italy. Next to being environmentally friendly and using sustainable natural materials Wuuls also tries to look out for the people who work for the brand. Wuuls collaborates with local Italian companies that dye all clothes with vegetable dyes. Reducing waste, using sustainable packaging and using innovative technologies is a given. On top of that, Wuuls also donates 5% to the organisation “Save the bear”.  All clothes from Wuuls are hypoallergenic, manufactured in the province of Umbertide and free from any chemicals. 

Price: 50 – 190 € 


Artknit Studios is another amazing knitwear brand from and made in Italy. To be more specific, Artknit Studios is based in Biella, Italy – the capital of wool. The brand was founded in 2018 and aims to create fewer but long lasting products. The motto is “Buy less. Buy Better”. Artknit Studios only uses natural fibres made by the best Italian manufacturers. On top of that, Artknit is committed to a zero waste production process. Innovation and sustainability are at the heart of the brand. The brand disregards seasonal collections in order to put the whole focus on creating products with the least environmental impact. All materials are 100% natural and Artknit Studios even uses upcycled cashmere. The brand also provides information on all factories, their wool certificates and traceability. We love to see it!  

Price: 99 – 329 € 


FLO wants you to feel comfortable in your skin and your clothes while also being kind to the planet. The brand uses wool, cotton and linen made out of 100% natural yarns to create timeless pieces. Everything is sourced, spun and naturally dyed in Italy. FLO aims to put sustainability at the core of every choice and every step and acknowledges the importance of every detail – from the designers, to the makers, the sellers and the customers. Natural fibres like organic merino wool are naturally dyed using ingredients like flowers, leaves or roots – completely chemical free! FLO’s technology has been given a worldwide certification by Woolkmark. A transparent supply chain, certificates, limited pieces to ensure low waste and high quality as well as sustainable and locally made packaging are all a must for FLO. Another amazing fact: All collections are designed and knitted by an all-women team. 

Price: 75 – 195 € 


ACBC is a sustainable shoe brand from Italy. What does ACBC stand for? Anything Can Be Changed. ACBC creates 100% animal free shoes with recycled and bio-based raw materials and is certified B corporation. That means that the brand is officially evaluated for products, social and environmental performance and transparency. ACBC uses BioSkin a 70% bio-based alternative to leather derived from non-GMO corn starch, apple skin, Piñatex, grape skin, hemp fibre, recycled plastic and foam plus water based glue. You might remember our article on some of these amazing leather alternatives. Further, ACBC works with the Better Cotton Initiative. Instead of ending up on landfills shoes that are brought to collection bins in the ACBC stores are recycled into children’s playgrounds! Another fun fact: ACBC offers zip shoes which means you can buy different tops for your sole so you have different styles with less environmental impact. 

Price: 30 – 280 € 


You might have seen us rave about Womsh before in our sustainable spring shoes article. The sustainable brand from Italy founded by Gianni Dalla Mora in 2014 is aiming to innovate the shoe industry. All shoes are made in Italy with metal free leather, recycled and organic cotton, recycled plastic and recyclable rubber. Next to that Womsh has also created a vegan line made from apple skin and recycled PET as Gianni talked to his daughter who didn’t want to wear his shoes since they were made from animals. Out of love for his daughter and her love for animals Gianni created vegan sustainable shoes made with award-winning technologies and techniques. Moreover, Womsh also uses recycled and recyclable cellulose cardboard packaging. Womsh is also outspoken against Black Friday and other fast fashion practices, uses 90% renewable energy and has helped preserve 12.000 m2 of forests. 

Price: 189 – 275 €


The brand āim aims to create sustainable handbags through the acquisition of leather from overproduction. The brand uses leftover leather from local leather processing factories. Therefore no further demand for more leather is created and āim only uses existing stock. Founder Anna Maria Mongillo wants to bring these resources back to life as she was inspired by a bag she found in one of Naples’ flea markets with a particular handle. All bags exude elegance and timeless designs. Three key factors are at the heart of āim: longevity, uniqueness and responsibility. The brand aims to only create pieces that are here to stay made from high-quality leather. Further, āim only sells a few, slow-paced and unique pieces in order to avoid impacting the planet negatively with waste and overproduction. On top, āim takes pre-orders to further help with this vision of slow and conscious fashion.

Price: 420 – 640 €


CasaGin is an sustainable underwear brand from Italy with the goal to create eco-friendly undergarments with the least possible impact on the environment. To CasaGin the most important thing to ensure that the environment is not harmed is to produce pieces that are high-quality and long-lasting. Every step of the production process takes place in Italy in small selected companies and factories within a distance of 70 km from the headquarter. This allows CasaGin to reduce CO2 emissions. While the underwear is mostly made from cotton the swimwear is made from plastic. However, CasaGin uses recycled plastic from fishing nets and other sources of plastic that landed in our oceans. Even the packaging is recycled or certified biodegradable. On top of that, the brand is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified which ensures that the dyes it uses are harmless for the workers, consumers and the environment. 

Price: 15 – 136 €


Founder Domitilla Mattei created Souldaze in 2015 with the aim to merge her knowledge of fashion with her beliefs. The goal is to produce conscious fashion with high-quality materials and craftsmanship. Souldaze only offers limited editions collections combining fashion trends with ethical production and low impact on our environment. Natural fibres like wool, linen, cotton and silk can be found the most. Souldaze also uses 100% Italian surplus viscose which is basically leftovers from mills or other brands. Just make sure to use a Guppy Friend if you buy upcycled or recycled viscose. Souldaze uses upcycled surplus materials in general which is great as nothing goes to waste! Additionally, Souldaze designs and manufactures everything in the beautiful city of Rome. Almost 80% of suppliers are local with the rest being based in other parts of Italy. Last but not least all packaging is made from recycled paper. 

Price: 45 – 360 €


WRÅD is not only a sustainable fashion brand from Italy but also an educational program and a design company with a mission to change the world. The brand is “seeking for ways to turn a global crisis into an opportunity for systemic progress”. The co-founders Matteo, Victor and Silvia quit their corporate jobs in the fast fashion industry in 2015 to create WRÅD. What started as an educational Instagram page turned into a brand using innovative techniques and responsible designs. The three founders traveled to Monterosso to learn how Romans used graphite to naturally dye clothes which led WRÅD to create the award-winning graphi-tee. Further, the brand follows the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Most clothes are made from natural materials like organic cotton while some are upcycled or recycled. The clothes are manufactured in Portugal and then dyed and finished in Italy. On top of that, WRÅD also launched an education programme in 2015 and since then teaches 10.000 pupils a year in Italy pro bono about the environment.

Price: 16 – 642 € 


Eticlò is a sustainable brand from Italy aiming to be as innovative and conscious as possible. The name derives from the words ‘ethical closet’. Eticlò’s goal is to develop sophisticated and high-quality garments for women and children that are long-lasting. All while being as sustainable as possible. The brand only uses natural and organic fibres like organic cotton and linen as well as ecological dyes. The dyeing process is free of heavy metals and chemical additives as they can be harmful to the workers and consumers. All factories are based in Italy and share Eticlò’s values. By only working with the most reputable suppliers and manufacturers Eticlò wants to ensure traceability and a clean supply chain. With a sustainable approach and timeless designs Eticlò aims to create enduring style instead of fast passing trends. Longevity, helping the local community and being kind to the environment are at the heart of the slow fashion brand. On top of all of that, Eticlò has also opened a flagship in Bologna in 2018. 

Price: 15 – 350 € 


Rifò means ‘redoing’ in the Tuscan dialect which is the perfect name for the upcycling brand. The name represents the locality as well as the artisans who invented the recycling method of old garments over a hundred years ago, the so-called Cenciaioli. Rifò aims to rebuild the traditional craft of recycling and upcycling clothing. You can even send them 100% wool or 100% cashmere clothes that you would otherwise throw away. It gets even better: Everything is produced locally within 30 kilometres in the textile district of Prato. This lowers production and fuel costs, helps avoid intermediaries, supports the local economy and all in all reduces the final price of the products. Rifò only uses recycled yarn and is certified with the Global Recycled Standard. Circular fashion is the ultimate goal of Rifò as the brand believes in a future where virgin resources are no longer needed and we simply use the existing ones. 

Price: 11 – 295 € 

Par.co Denim

Par.co Denim was founded in 2014 by two cousins and is an acronym for ‘Parimbelli cousins’. The Parimbelli cousins aim to create high-quality denim in a sustainable way, from the choice of the raw materials to the suppliers and partners. Their brand produces sustainable jeans made with organic or recycled cotton, natural yarns and washing and dyeing processes without harmful chemicals. On top of that, all pieces are made in Italy by local companies and artisans. Therefore the supply chain is short and easy to trace as everything is located within 35 kilometres from the brand’s headquarters in Bergamo. All products are toxic free and cruelty free. Even the buttons and rivets are nickel-free and all patches and labels are printed with recycled graphite. Respect for the environment and the dignity of workers are key values of Par.co Denim.

Price: 65 – 139 € 

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