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Posted in Mode, Brand Watch — 23. March 2021 — Written by Mona

“The more sustainable item is the one that’s already sitting in your wardrobe”. That’s a quote from Fanny Moizant, founder of the Vestiaire Collective – a vintage shopping app. It’s true, the most sustainable choice is to wear what we already have, resell items, share with each other and upcycle. By doing so we avoid overusing scarce resources like water and stop supporting unfair labour conditions. So today we want to have a look at some of our favourite vintage shopping apps and fashion marketplaces. 

Maybe you have recently seen our article on the reselling and fashion marketplace app Depop. Vintage and secondhand shopping as well as supporting small brands and businesses is the perfect solution to many of our problems. Of course the number one goal is to wear what we already have and declutter our wardrobes. What better way to do so by selling items to someone new to love and shopping for new pieces for our wardrobes in a sustainable way? For those occasions we want to present you our favourite second hand fashion marketplaces and apps you can shop and sell preloved clothes at.


Depop is one of those second hand fashion marketplaces on which you can discover unique fashion from designer to ‘preloved’ to vintage and streetwear. You can find a global community on the app buying, selling and connecting to make fashion more diverse and inclusive and most importantly less wasteful. Depop wants to transform what fashion looks like and gives you pro tips if you want to start selling yourself. On top of that, Depop recently announced its sustainability plan and goal to become climate neutral in the next two years. You can read more about the plan and our thoughts on Depop’s goals here


Vinted – formerly known as Kleiderkreisel here in Germany – is a Lithuanian secondhand fashion community serving over 34 million users in Germany, France, the UK, US, Poland, Czechia, Lithuania, Spain and the Netherlands. The app is especially popular in Europe and is finding its way to the US right now. Vinted offers affordable secondhand and vintage clothing and promotes decluttering your wardrobe. The goal is for customers to be consuming more consciously. You can even swap your clothes on the app! 


We all know and love etsy by now don’t we? If you haven’t shopped on etsy yet you are missing out. Etsy is a global online marketplace where people come together to (re)sell or buy whatever their heart desires from small businesses or individuals. The goal? To keep human connection at the heart of commerce. Therefore, etsy created a home to a universe of extraordinary items from unique handcrafted items to vintage pieces. Etsy strives to help spread ideas of sustainability and responsibility beyond their website. 

Vestiaire Collective

You have probably heard about the Vestiaire Collective in our article about our favourite vintage shops. Vestiaire Collective is a marketplace for pre-owned luxury and designer fashion. With a community of over 3 million users around the globe there are a lot of options and items to pick from and many potential customers to sell to. Co-founder Sophie has purchased a bag on VC before and had a great experience shopping there. However, sometimes a purchase might not go through so always double check. Vestiaire is definitely an amazing platform to score a sold out item or to get your hands on a piece you have wanted since you can remember.


ThredUP is one of the biggest second hand fashion marketplaces offering every possible garment you could want and need. The team at thredUP believes in a sustainable fashion future and hopes to motivate customers to shop with intention and to reject the throwaway fashion culture we live in today. ThredUp realizes and acknowledges the fact that we wear can create change. You can even calculate your own carbon footprint on thredUP’s website and have a look in the annual resale report and clothing lifecycle studies. Unfortunately, as of right now thredUP only ships within the US and Canada. If you’re from North America this one is a great option for you! 


Momox fashion is a German marketplace for secondhand garments. How does it work exactly? Anyone who wants to get rid of old and vintage clothes can sell them to momox fashion over its own purchasing platform. Then momox fashion resells the items to us the consumers. The goal behind it is to give old clothes that are not worn anymore a new life before they basically rot in our closets or end up in landfills. Giving secondhand clothes a second chance helps momox fashion with their goal to fight wastefulness.

What are your favourite second hand fashion marketplaces or apps to sell your preloved items or shop unique pieces? Did we miss any? Drop us a comment below.

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