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Posted in Editors Choice, Mode — 18. March 2021 — Written by Sophie

The editor’s choice is back again! We have had some sort of winter blues and therefore a new article was postponed until temperatures rose again. And here we are mid of march in a limbo between spring and everlasting winter. But here and there the flowers are creeping out and so it’s safe to welcome the thought of sustainable spring shoes.

As always every team member selected three shoes they couldn’t live without in spring. With the editor’s choice we want to picture as many different styles as possible since each team member has a different personal style. So without further ado let’s have a look at our team’s sustainable spring shoes choices!



I am in desperate need of new white or off-white sneakers. I wear them constantly in summer and I have a serial killer pattern where none of them last much longer than a year before the sole slowly but surely is unwalkable. Instagram targeted ads actually made me aware of SAYE. A brand aesthetically right up my alley and the off-white reebok lookalike is literally what I had been looking for BUT with responsible materials. The modelo 89 is made from vegan leather alternatives and wood chips. The brand is also PETA approved and plants two trees for each pair of shoes sold. I am critical to the whole planting tree marketing trick since a lot of brands that really aren’t that sustainable use it to lure customers into buying their products. However, SAYE’s efforts are also certified by FSC and PEFC and from what I can judge seem genuine. 


The classic derby shoe is an absolute must in my wardrobe. While I have found my perfect pair two years ago I still wanted to add a pair for you. I think they go so well with dresses, suit pants and even jeans. To me it’s important to show a little bit of ankle to round up the look, especially since the shoes are heavy by nature and it kind of equals it out again (am I making sense?). The derby shoes by ACT.Series are made from polished calfskin using only natural dyes in Spain. Since every shoe is handmade with the best quality fabrics and leathers they tend to have small variations in colour and details, which makes every pair unique. I already own a pair of loafers and sandals from the brand and can’t stress how comfortable the shoes are and how long lasting. So even though you are buying leather it feels like a durable choice that will last you years.


For those of you who love their Birkenstocks as much as I love mine, these slide-on cork sandals are the perfect ethical and sustainable choice. I am dying to get my hands on a pair of really comfortable shoes for hanging out at home but mostly for wearing them outside shamelessly. Because if there is one thing Lockdown 3.0 has taught me it is homewear is very much outside appropriate at all times. The slides are made from a soft and supple vegan leather using microfibres that are produced in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner in Portugal, with minimum environmental impact. I am always worried that vegan leather will make my feet really sweaty – especially for slides like these – but the Good Guys version is breathable, free of PVC and chrome and can be fully recycled. 



White dad shoes have been a staple for a couple of years now. We all remember the Nike and New Balance trends from the last few years. But we also remember the scandals these brands have been in. Even without recent scandals these brands don’t seem to care about their workers or the environment. Since I still own a good pair of white chunky sneakers I won’t buy a new one of course. However, the Womsh Vegan Futura sneakers give me Nike M2K Tekno vibes – but sustainable. Especially since the bottom is black as well. The eco-friendly shoes are made in Italy from recycled PET and apple skin. On top of that, they are also vegan approved by PETA. Womsh also offers recycled and recyclable cellulose cardboard packaging. So if you are looking for some dad shoes to wear for the next years to come Womsh got you covered.


Spanish brand Alohas makes ethically produced shoes on demand. Even though pre-ordering means you have to wait a little longer for the shoes to arrive it is more eco-friendly as this leads to a minimum of waste. It should be said though that Alohas makes shoes from real leather so maybe this brand is not for everyone. We have talked about the leather vs. vegan leather debate before if you are interested in learning more. All in all, Alohas produces in Spain under ethical working conditions which is definitely a big plus next to the trendy but timeless styles the brand offers. I love the colours of these sandals as they perfectly match the 20 year old beige suit pants I stole from my mom’s closet. Plus, I could continue wearing these beauties throughout summer – even if it’s just on my short walks or when going to the park by myself.


In all honesty, I am the type of person who mostly owns some comfy white or black sneakers. So another pair for every day is a must. Similar to Sophie my white every-day-sneakers never live long enough to see a third summer. Probably because the materials are not high-quality. The vegan Veja sneaker would definitely be a worthy upgrade for my mundane adventures. They are unisex and made from cotton coated with polyurethane & resin from corn-oil on top of some Amazonian rubber. The soft lining contains 33% organic cotton and 67% recycled polyester. Owning a pair of Vejas is on my ‘what to get’-list for sure instead of buying another low-quality sneaker that won’t make it out of my life alive. As Sophie put it well: serial killer pattern. Maybe you have seen them before in our dream spring capsule wardrobe article and know of my obsession.



When it comes to shoes I can always count on a good pair of white sneakers! They are a great option for summer since they go well with cute mid-dresses, some nice shorts and more- the possibilities are endless really! I like the vintage vibes of the sneakers by Womsh. They are produced in Italy and made from appleskin and other recycled materials. Yes, you heard right appleaskin! By using waste from apples grown in Trentino apple skin can be turned into a material that reproduces the texture and characteristics of leather. And after all the adventures you had with the sneakers, you can send them back to Womsh, where they will be recycled. One way to give the material a new purpose is by recycling it in order to then produce a granular material that can be used for flooring for children’s playgrounds.


I am always fond of switching up my nude, basic colour pallet with some colourful highlights. And lately, I have really been embracing the colour green, from lemon green, mint green to pastel green colours, the whole pallet! That’s why the cute, vegan slip-on AMA mules from Collection&Co are the way to go for me this year! The brand is known for their PETA approved shoes and use non-animal alternatives for their leather as well as for the glues and dyes they are using. I am obsessed with the timeless and chic design and the visible stitching running down the centre front with a V-shaped slit. And even if going out is still currently not an option for us all, I can have fun with them when I dress up at home! 


One of the best things for me in spring is to be able to quickly get out and put on my shoes, so I can easily feel the grass when I am at the park. However, I often make this experience quite hard for myself since I am very very picky about sandals. I don’t quite know why, but I just never found the right pair that were made from high quality. Well, that is all from the pest now, after coming across the beautiful footwear brand KYMA! The brand makes sandals for women that are inspired by the beauty and aesthetic of Greek islands and are handmade in Athens. The black leather straps slip on are made from vegetable-tanned vachetta leather. To wear or not to wear leather is always a tough question when it comes to sustainability. The opinions split here, as you can see in our thoughts article about this topic! Vachetta leather is naturally dyed and dried and by taking good care of it you can definitely get the most of them! 

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