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Posted in Mode, Brand Watch — 25. February 2021 — Written by Sophie

Underwear – it touches our most intimate parts and we wear it every single day. But do we actually know what our underwear is made from? Which dyes have been used for them? I am being honest two years ago I hadn’t asked myself these questions and definitely didn’t know the answer.

The dirty truth is conventional underwear goes through various steps that add toxic chemicals that are linked to hormone disruption and reproductive toxicity. Ehh hello?! I want that as far away from my previous as possible! Luckily, there are a lot of sustainable underwear brands out there that do things right. When it comes to sustainable underwear always look out for OEKO-Tex and GOTS certified brands because it will ensure that no toxic chemicals are used for example in the dying process. Today we want to show you a wide variety of brands from basic to feminine to sensual to cheeky. 


The British brand is committed to be the next best thing to second hand underwear (which isn’t for everyone, right?!). Over 80% of Fruity Booty products are made from surplus fabrics and materials, which would otherwise have gone to landfill, sourced from suppliers in the UK. The rest of the brand’s pieces are created from conscious material suppliers. Additionally Fruity Booty produces limited quantities of all products to avoid waste from overproduction. 50% of all pieces are manufactured in a small factory in East London, and the other half are produced in a specialised factory that has been making underwear for over thirty years in a village in Porto, Portugal to ensure that production can be overseen, lowering the brand’s overall carbon footprint and ensuring fair practices.

Price Range: 7 – 75€


CEO Cami created the US brand Parade to redefine sexiness as a voice, a feeling, a technicolor mirror that reflects whoever is holding it. Parade’s goal is to rewrite the American underwear story. The brand is super inclusive offering sizes XS to 3XL. At the same time Parade aims to lead a revolution into a safer future for everyone. The core fabric at Parade, Re:Play, is made from 85% recycled polyamide. All materials are Oeko-Tex certified. It gets even better: All packaging is compostable and made from 100% corn starch. On top of that, the sustainable underwear brand is donating 1% of its revenue to Planned Parenthood across the US, as well as to the Yellowhammer Fund – an organization advocating for reproductive agency. At Parade access to sexual education, reproductive rights, gender affirming therapy, and more is at the core next to creating a sustainable brand.

Price range: 7 – 40€


Woron is a Copenhagen based collaboration between two sisters – Arina and Anya Woron. They have a passion for life in the slow lane and both share an enthusiasm for sustainable underwear & everyday essentials. The brand is cruelty free and PETA approved. The base collection is made from Lenzing Modal and when using cotton they only use GOTS certified fibres. Sounds too good to be true? All underwear is produced using no toxic chemicals, no toxic dyes and no chafing. To this day one of my absolute favourite soft bralettes is from Woron (probably over 5 years old and possibly needing an upgrade but I just can’t part with it – it’s too comfy). On the brand’s about page they also give detailed information about the manufacturers they work with. 

Price range: 14-105€


Underprotection was founded in 2010 in Denmark with the goal of proving that sustainable fashion can be glamorous. The brand’s slogan is ‘ethics & aesthetic’ for a reason! Underprotection only uses sustainable materials such as recycled polyester, recycled wool, tencel, lyocell and organic cotton. All packaging is either recycled or biodegradable. As a Certified B Corporation™ the brand is legally obligated to consider the impact it has on all workers, customers, suppliers, the community and the planet. The Danish brand aspires to create underwear that makes all customers feel fabulous. Some garments are even vegan approved and all the factories are all WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) certified and work under Oeko-Tex standards. 

Price range: 18 – 120€ 


While travelling India, founder, Allie Cameron was first faced with the environmental impact that the fashion industry is having on the planet. There her idea for HARA blossomed. The brand’s vision is to have the whole supply chain in one country, one location. Currently, all HARA products are naturally dyed cut, sewn, packaged and shipped in Melbourne. All lingerie is made from sustainably sourced bamboo – a deliberate choice due to its high durability and hypo-allergenic characteristics. The natural dyes are made from plants which results in a minimal environmental impact. Due to the fact that the brand uses plant based dyes there are five colours available to the customer: charcoal, pumpkin, olive, pink and powder blue. 

Price Range: 45-90€


Baserange creates basics with modern cuts and silhouettes. If you’re into clean lines and designs Baserange is the perfect sustainable underwear brand for you! The brand and its partners focus on developing high-quality natural fibres, as well as recycled textiles. Since Baserange was founded in 2012 its team is committed to clean production with the goal of minimizing environmental impact to benefit everyone – the producer, the consumer and the planet. You can read more about them in our BRAND INDEX right HERE

Price Range: 40 – 285€


Organic Basics offers simple and practical designs using high-quality fabrics and workmanship. Sustainability and transparency is at the core of the brand. You can even find a map of all their factories and partners with detailed information about employee benefits, working hours and more. While the brand mostly focuses on underwear and sportswear it has recently expanded its range and offers some amazing loungewear pieces you can rock in your free time or while working at home. Next to all of that, Organic Basics also supports environmental activists and organizations. You can read more about Organic Basics in our BRAND INDEX

Price Range: 33 – 175€


German brand DU CIEL was founded by Maria Sinkovksy with the goal of creating timeless elegance and simple silhouettes with sustainability in mind. DU CIEL creates limited edition underwear made from silk, cashmere and merino wool. The fabrics are sourced locally in France. As the brand produces piece by piece made to order and each item is handmade any possible waste is avoided. Since DU CIEL has skyrocketed on social media and is getting recognized by Vogue production has switched from one person to a local manufacturer in Germany that meets the founder’s high standards of good working conditions, sustainability and prevention of overproducing.

Price range: 60 – 200€


The brands headquarter and at the same time factory is based in London. At the core of the brand is the belief that all women deserve to own perfect fitting and sustainable underwear (Amen.). That’s why LARA creates the world’s most inclusive and sustainable range of bras  (from 26A-36GG) from responsibly sourced deadstock fabric, and operates a zero-waste policy for offcut materials. Inclusivity is also mirrored in their pricing as they try making their pieces as affordable to you as possible and adjust the pricing regularly (for example they introduced lower prices after upgrading the factory sewing machines and therefore taking less time to produce one item). 

Price Range: 18-48€


Founded by Swedish designer Sofie, Anekdot is a sustainable underwear and swimwear brand that hints at curiosity, unexpected surprise and personalized stories that connect people, not consumers. Anekdot is a creative force resisting mass-produced mediocrity. The superb materials are sourced from production leftovers, end of lines, off-cuts, deadstock and vintage trimmings with the aim to give new life to unwanted textiles, that will otherwise end up in a big pile of landfill. Each creation comes in limited edition and is produced in Berlin, allowing Sofie to oversee the whole production process and dramatically reduce the carbon footprint. You can find even more details about the brand in our BRAND INDEX.

Price range: 35 – 120€


Belgium based brand LA FILLE D’O is committed to create underwear that you will never get tired of and last you a long time. Using only little colours the brand makes sure that your underwear goes with everything and you won’t get tired of it. Further, they offer customization services for example for womxn that are recovering from breast- or other surgery. Every piece is made at their local production side in Kemmel, Belgium. Staying local is very important to the brand since it means they are investing in the local community, have a lower CO2 footprint and the fastest possible communication. The fabrics they use are all OEKO-Tex certified which means no toxic dyes or coatings are anywhere near your underwear. If your underwear does start falling apart the brand offers a repair service that will resuscitate your beloved undies. 

Price Range: 95-310€


The Germany-based brand Aikyou creates sustainable lingerie for people with smaller busts as smaller breasts are often looked over in the industry. The brand’s puristic and timeless styles that adapt individually to the body are a result of careful and sophisticated tailoring. Sustainability is not a marketing trend for Aikyou but rather a matter close to the two founders’ hearts going beyond labels and certifications. Without claiming to be perfect, Aikyou uses high-quality organic cotton that is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified. The yarn is spun locally in Germany and all undies are sewn in Croatia in a Fairtrade-workshop. Recyclable packaging, green energy and an eco-friendly postal service provider are also a must for the brand. As the team loves all animals – not only their office dogs –  production and packaging is animal-free. Plus, Aikyou supports the animal welfare organisation Pro Animale as well as bee protection schemes. 

Price range 27 – 79€


Founder Kat created Kat the Label in Australia to lace her customers with confidence. To her lingerie is the ‘match which ignites one’s sensuality and confidence’. Even though Kat the Label produces in Guangzhou, China, the brand is committed to ethical trade, manufacturing and working conditions. The brand avoids using harmful dyes and only uses small quantities of leftover fabrics, which is why many pieces are limited edition. All garments are sent out with reusable mesh bags so customers can use them to store their lingerie and maintain longevity of all items. Right now 75% of stocks are packaged in biodegradable corn starch bags and the brand is working towards making it 100%. Next to all of that, Kat the Label hosts a Pink Ribbon event every October to raise funds for Breast Cancer research and awareness and donated to the Salvation Army to help those who lost their homes in the Australian wildfires.

Price Range: 18 – 120€


Boob is a Swedish sustainable maternity brand with the goal of making eco-friendly clothing for mothers during and after pregnancy. The maternity brand is highly transparent and makes it easy to trace your clothes on the website. Boob produces every garment in either Portugal, Turkey, Italy, Greece, India and Morocco. Social and ecological responsibility is at the core of Boob – the brand is also GOTS certified. Therefore, the brand only uses sustainable materials like lyocell and organic cotton to create the perfect cosy loungewear pieces for becoming mothers. 

Price Range: 5 – 110€


The brand was founded with the intention of creating garments that are not only fair to our planet but also to the people who live on that planet. No toxic dyes or harmful chemicals are being used in the production of their pieces made from organic cotton or recycled polyester. On top of that, the brand produces locally in Spain. The campaign images as well as their social media channels are including all sorts of bodies and while their sizing only goes up to XL it seems to be size that caters plus size, too. If you are interested in even more info about the brand you can find them in our BRAND INDEX.

Price Range: 15-50€


Luva Huva is a Brighton based brand created by founder Joanna. The lingerie and loungewear brand creates feminine styles while also providing more sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives. The team of four women and the dog Millie work together on all levels, from design to sewing and packaging the finishes garments. So, all orders are made from scratch with caring attention to detail. On top of that, Luva Huva only makes small quantities of any product and aims to work with as many local suppliers and producers as possible, as well as using remnants, vintage and end-of-line fabrics and trims. The brand’s core collection is made from bamboo, hemp, organic cotton, soy and tencel. 

Price range: 15-85€


German brand erlich – similar to the German word for honest – creates timeless but sexy underwear with a focus on sustainability. The brand offers much transparent information on the website – which we love. All garments are created in Europe – in Germany, Romania and Portugal – which means CO2 emissions from transportation is reduced. The brand mainly uses organic cotton, modal, and recycled materials like Q-Nova® and ECONYL®. On top of that, erlich is PETA vegan approved. Erlich also donates and supports a climate protection project in Brazil. Due to the sustainable approach of the brand many garments are 100% climate neutral. 

Price range: 13 – 90€


UK-based brand Posie was founded in 2019 to fuse both passions – fashion and sustainability. Posie creates empowering lingerie for the free-spirited who dare to stand out from the crowd, who are determined and care for the planet. Longevity and care are at the core of the brand. All garments are designed and made with love in the UK. Even though not all fabrics are 100% sustainable Posie mainly uses fibres like organic cotton, bamboo viscose and deadstock materials. On top of that, you can preorder the latest collections as this helps the brand to limit potential waste. Posie offers sizes XXS to XL and even if your size is not available the brand encourages you to shoot the team a message so the range can be expanded by demand.  

Price range: 28 – 200€

Featured images are shot by Ming Nomchong. Styling: Leigh Williams. Hair & Makeup: Shannon Williams. Model: Zhoe Trotter at Kult Australia.

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