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Posted in Mode, Brand Watch — 11. February 2021 — Written by Sophie

While many different things can make us feel at home cosy and comfy loungewear are definitely a big contender. Nothing beats wearing your favorite joggers or sweatshirt at home while enjoying that new show on Netflix everyone has been raving about, eating your favorite meal or just simply resting – something we all deserve. 

Especially now with the weather turning incredibly cold as snow blizzards and cold winds are approaching, snuggling up in the warmth of our homes is super comforting. If you are still looking for the perfect sustainable loungewear set or just something to add to your comfy collection we got you covered! Today we would like to present you with the most amazing eco-friendly brands offering cosy loungewear and sleepwear. 


Baserange creates basics with modern cuts and silhouettes. If you’re into clean lines and designs Baserange is the perfect eco-friendly brand for you! The brand and its partners focus on developing high-quality natural fibres, as well as recycled textiles. Since Baserange was founded in 2012 its team is committed to clean production with the goal of minimizing environmental impact to benefit everyone – the producer, the consumer and the planet. You can read more about them in our Brand Index right here

Price Range: 40 – 285€


THE PANGAIA is not only a brand but also a materials science company with a team working on innovating the textile industry with the most sustainable options they can come up with. The brand is known for their jogger and sweatshirt sets that you can also buy separately. From off-white, beige and various grey tones to yellow, lavender and orange – PANGAIA definitely offers everyone’s fav colour! The brand aims to start a movement with new and innovative technologies and tries to combat CO2 emissions. You can read more about the brand’s sustainability and goals here. Unfortunately, it also has to be said that one of the co-founders, Miroslava Duma, has made racist and transphobic remarks in the past. Even though she has apologized, it is obviously up to us (and even more so the Black community and members of LGBTQ+ !!!) if we would like to accept it or not.

Price Range: 39 – 226€


Armedangels is a sustainable brand from Cologne, especially known for its #detoxdenim, but that doesn’t mean the brand doesn’t offer sweats and more comfy garments just as amazing! On top of that, the brand is quite outspoken on social issues and climate change. The Armedangels team even protested with the Fridays For Future kids – we love to see it! If you’re looking for sustainably and ethically produced loungewear by a highly transparent brand Armedangels is a great choice. You can read more about our thoughts on the brand here.

Price Range: 60 – 100€


The newly founded brand 10K is based in Berlin and focuses on creating sustainable high-quality basics with fair prices. From unisex shirts to sweatshirts, hoodies and joggers – they got it all! 10K only uses materials that are natural and can be re-grown. Therefore, all items are made from organic cotton which is grown in the US and Turkey. All garments are produced according to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. 10K offers a variety of different colours and is super budget friendly!

Price Range: 19 – 90€


The female-led brand Dôen focuses on ethical and sustainable production. Next to that, the brand’s biggest goal is closing the gender gap. Dôen is part of the slow fashion movement and creates garments for women and children, including beautiful loungewear with soft designs and colours. On top of that, Dôen’s team is transparent about its anti-racist approach and bared its numbers of POC and different sexual identities based on voluntary self-reporting. Another amazing thing: Dôen’s sizes go from XXS to XXL!

Price Range: 48 – 114€


With its ‘responsible’ line the Danish fashion brand Ganni is aiming to become ‘a better version of itself’ by using recycled fibres. As Ganni is aware that it is not a sustainable brand and is quite open about that it still thrives to make better choices as its moral obligation. The brand’s loungewear garments are predominantly made with EcoLife® yarn. What does this mean, you ask? All the sweatshirts and joggers consist of 50% recycled cotton and 50% recycled polyester. This means Ganni is reducing each garment’s environmental footprint by not using virgin fibres. On top of that, 75% of the supply chain is traceable and all the loungewear pieces are made in Greece.

Price Range: 75 – 185€ 


Ninety Percent is a London-based sustainable womenswear label specialising in pared back, luxury basics like their loungewear and sleepwear pieces. The brand is aiming to approach the fashion industry differently with high-quality and sustainably made garments. On top of that, Ninety Percent even shares 90% of its profits with the people making the clothes and five charities that their customers get to vote on. All in all, the brand is highly transparent about the production processes, traceability, animal welfare, respectful work environments and emissions. Most of their loungewear and sleepwear pieces are either made from organic cotton or 100% Tencel™ which we love! You can check out our detailed Brand Report on Ninety Percent here

Price Range: 93 – 173€


Damson Madder aims to be as conscious and sustainable as possible when it comes to the production of garments. The brand is very open about the origin of the fabrics and mainly uses organic cotton and recycled yarn for loungewear pieces and overall. The recycled polyester is from plastic bottles that ended up on landfills and any of the recycled cotton comes from textile waste. The brand offers basics like shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and joggers mostly all made in Turkey. On top of that, Damson Madder only uses natural, non-toxic and sustainable dyes in a dyeing process that takes up to 50% less water than it conventionally would.

Price Range: 37 – 114€


Organic Basics offers simple and practical designs using high-quality fabrics and workmanship. Sustainability and transparency is at the core of the brand. You can even find a map of all their factories and partners with detailed information about employee benefits, working hours and more. While the brand mostly focuses on underwear and sportswear it has recently expanded its range and offers some amazing loungewear pieces you can rock in your free time or while working at home. Next to all of that, Organic Basics also supports environmental activists and organizations. You can read more about Organic Basics in our Brand Index

Price Range: 33 – 175€


Underprotection is the perfect sustainable loungewear option if you are looking for more chic designs and pieces, ranging from kimonos to sets. The brand’s slogan is ‘ethics & aesthetic’ for a reason! As a Certified B Corporation™ the brand is legally obligated to consider the impact it has on all workers, customers, suppliers, the community and the planet. While most of the loungewear pieces are made from 100% Tencel™ – which we love – not all of them are, so check the materials to make sure if it’s mixed with polyester or not. It is also important to note that Underprotection does not produce locally. However, the factories are all WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) and work under Oeko-Tex standards. 

Price Range: 42 – 160€


Beaumont Organic creates conscious clothing made ethically from luxury organic cotton with comfort in mind. The loungewear, underwear and sleepwear is therefore soft and breathable. The brand aims to become a pioneering design driven, organic and ethical brand. If you are looking for a conscious brand with very natural looking designs Beaumont Organic is a great fit. All the organic cotton is sourced from GOTS-certified mills and the garments are produced in Europe under EU regulations.

Price Range: 28 – 275€


Wol Hide was founded by Leah D’Ambrosio in Philadelphia with the aim of creating easy wear for living in. High-quality production focused on the craft of knitting, subtle details and textural elements is at the core of the brand. Wol Hide mainly uses natural, organic and deadstock materials with minimal dyeing or chemical processes. The goal of Wol Hide is to create garments that you want to keep forever – for you and the environment. The garments are made in Peru or in Pennsylvania if they are easier pieces to cut and sew. 

Price Range: 60 – 575€


Kordal Studio is a clothing brand based in the US focusing on responsibly made garments. All the pieces are designed and produced ethically. Instead of being trend focused Kordal aims to use natural fabrics, upcycled cotton, wool and alpaca to create sustainable and long lasting designs. After founder Mandy Kordal studied fashion and worked for renowned brands she decided to start her own ethical thing which now has turned into a full conscious womenswear collection. Kordal works closely with Peruvian alpaca and wool suppliers as knitting is a noble tradition in Peru. You can definitely expect high quality and sustainability from the brand’s loungewear pieces and overall. Some of Kordal’s items are a little more size inclusive ranging from XXS to XXL. 

Price Range: 90 – 330€


Live The Process is based in the US and was launched in 2013. The garments are ethically and locally made by women. The brand also tries to be as sustainable as possible when it comes to packaging and shipping to reduce the environmental impact and embracing local American labour. The brand’s name defines the act of exercising consciousness at every stage of the customer’s wellness journey. Materials include Refibra™, silk, cotton, nylon, certified cashmere as well as supplex and lycra. Make sure to check the materials of each garment as some natural sustainable fabrics are mixed with synthetic fibres. While that can help the longevity of some garments – which can be good – not everyone might want to buy mixed fibres.  

Price Range: 50 – 370€


The Canadian brand Aleur was founded by Alexandra Hutter with the mission to create eco-friendly luxury loungewear that makes its customers feel truly at home. As Alexandra has a degree in sociocultural anthropology she approaches her designs with empathy and sensitivity which can be seen in her sustainable, eco-friendly and ethically made garments. All pieces are designed and made in Montréal to help create more local jobs and revive the textile industry in her community. That includes sourcing cotton locally. All loungewear pieces are part of small collections as smaller batches prevent overproduction waste. If anything ever happens to your new favorite loungewear item you can contact Aleur for a free guaranteed repair.

Price Range: 32 – 130€


The UK-based brand tūla + tye believes that the future of fashion can and should be sustainable and ethical. Social and environmental responsibility are highly important to the brand. Tūla + tye is another great budget friendly option offering conscious unisex clothing. All loungewear pieces are a mix of recycled polyester and recycled cotton. They are made in Turkey and then hand-dyed in the UK with eco-friendly pigments – sometimes from local factories who were prepared to let them go to waste. Even the brand’s labels, tags and packaging are made from organic and recycled materials and are recyclable or reusable. A part of the brand’s proceeds will be donated to various charities fighting plastic pollution in our oceans.

Price Range: 11 – 60€ 


Waste to Waist is a brand from the UK focusing on sustainable and ethically produced fashion. The brand’s goal is to show that fashion and sustainability can coexist. The amazing thing about Waste to Waist is that the fashion brand has a full in-house design and manufacturing team. This means everything is happening under one roof, from the design process to the cutting and manufacturing of the garments to finally the packing and dispatching. Therefore, Waste to Waist can also make sure that all workers are paid fairly and working under safe and ethical conditions. All loungewear pieces are made from recycled polyester – from waste to waist – and with Oeko-Tex standard approved dyes to reduce water and the environmental impact.

Price Range: 5 – 45€


Boob is a Swedish sustainable maternity brand with the goal of making eco-friendly clothing for mothers during and after pregnancy. The maternity brand is highly transparent and makes it easy to trace your clothes on the website with producing every garment in either Portugal, Turkey, Italy, Greece, India and Morocco. Social and ecological responsibility is at the core of Boob. Therefore, the brand only uses sustainable materials like lyocell and organic cotton to create the perfect cosy loungewear pieces for becoming mothers. 

Price Range: 5 – 110€

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