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New year, old me. Every year there comes the time for a wardrobe review. Yes, going through my wardrobe and radically evaluating each piece is part of my new year, old me routine. I am not decluttering my wardrobe to reinvent myself; it is rather about the opposite: giving those pieces I always gravitate towards more room and finding a new home for those that are not worn and cherished in my wardrobe.

To me, that means going through my clothes and deciding whether to keep, review, repair or give away / sell my clothes. I know there are about 300.000 Youtube videos (wild guess) on the subject already and everyone has a different technique and still all the videos basically say the same thing. BUT I personally struggled with decluttering my wardrobe for ages and have found my way around my attachment issues with the below steps. In the wild hope that it can help you declutter your own wardrobe with no further ado let’s dive in:


Obviously, your everyday basics are usually keepers. Personally the same goes for sentimental pieces aka pieces that make you happy even if you aren’t wearing them regularly. Obviously, there should be a healthy limit to the latter. But also remember if a piece brings you joy for whatever reason that may be you don’t have to get rid of it just for the sake of getting rid of things. 


Some pieces are usually not so easy to organize into keep or “toss”. Which is why I like to add a review phase for those items. The review phase shouldn’t be too long as then it will just be another year and you will be reviewing the same pieces all over again. Personally, I opt for a review phase of around 3 months, which gives me enough time to possibly fall in love with the piece all over again. However, truth be told, that isn’t usually the case. Most often, after the review phase the item goes on to a new home. But since I am not one for clean cuts I like to give each piece that last chance before it has to go. 

founder sophie wearing a beige trousers and a beige vest
founder sophie reviewing her wardrobe in a grey cardigan


Most people are good with basic needle and thread jobs but yours truly on the other hand should stay away from such tasks for my own sake. During a wardrobe review I often stumble upon items that maybe have small holes or that I had wanted to alter for the past couple of months but always forgot about in the end. My local tailor is a total genius and has rescued and given a second life to so many items in my wardrobe – she is my hero! I know you must think I am senile by how often I have preached about finding yourself a good tailor but it really IS a gamechanger. Or you could learn basic sewing skills instead.  

Founder sophie decluttering her wardrobe with her puppy Finn


I like to give away the clothes that didn’t make the cut to my friends and family. Seeing them come to life again on my friends and getting photos sent to me randomly when someone is wearing a dress or a blazer gives me so much joy. If I do think selling is worth a shot I either sell my items on Instagram or Kleiderkreisel (German resell app) or if it’s a designer item I stick to Vestiaire Collective. My friend Annika Rogge recently organized an Instagram sale to which we all donated a piece we would otherwise have sold somewhere and all the proceeds went to a local charity. It was such a great idea and a really easy way to raise a lot of money in a short time.

I hope it helped you to see how I categorize my clothes when I review my wardrobe. Obviously, most of my clothing ultimately stays in my wardrobe and I am happy to report that each year there is less for me to give away or sell as I make better purchase decisions and don’t buy clothes on an impulse anymore.  I really hope you enjoyed the video and that maybe it motivates you to have a closer look into your wardrobe, too! If you have any tips let me know in the comments.

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