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When we think of sustainable fashion our minds usually go to our clothes. What about jewellery? Sustainability isn’t easily achieved in the jewellery market as it requires a level of sourcing and transparency that most jewelers simply can’t afford. However, many jewellers are trying to get as close to this level as possible. Often they refer to their brands as ethical or responsible as they are trying to improve working conditions and to protect the planet on their way to becoming sustainable. 

Today we want to present to you our favourite ethical jewellery brands we stumbled upon during our research of the topic. A lot of the brands also offer bespoke services which means they fit into multiple price ranges. Jewellery is not something you buy everyday and it will always be somewhat of an investment. We did try to add as many different price points as possible with our selection of brands. 

0-75€ = €
76-250 = €€
251-499 = €€€
>500 = €€€€ 


The brand is based in London, with an emphasis on craftsmanship, premium materials and bespoke services. Its objective is to create modern, timeless jewellery to be worn now and passed onto future generations. Instead of using ground diamonds the brand uses above ground diamonds, which are atomically identical to mined diamonds. The brand’s metals are from 100% recycled sources. They reuse above ground materials already in circulation to produce considered, timeless jewellery. If you have read our conscious shopping inspiration lately you probably already encountered these ethical jewellery brand anyway. The whole team is head over heels in love with the responsible brands.    

Price Range: €-€€


Choosing your diamond was never this easy. The british brand has a guide with the most important information about diamonds. If you are like me, pretty inexperienced on the topic of diamonds, having the basics readily available is a great help. KIMAI also uses lab-grown diamonds for their pieces. Furthermore all pieces are handmade in Antwerp from 18k recycled gold (white, rose, yellow) sourced in Belgium. We love the delicate and feminine designs and the fact that they only have a handful designs for rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets.    

Price range: €€-€€€€


Another british gem! Lucy Parker is a one woman show and as you know those always deserve special mentioning. She focuses on traditional craftsmanship which is why each of her designs is made by hand. You will have to count in a little more time for her pieces as each one is made to order and to perfectly fit you. Lucy uses recycled gold or silver for all her pieces. Re-using, repairing, longevity and sentiment are at the core of what she stands for. Any waste materials are melted down and re-used as well. Lucy works with small responsible suppliers and workshops based in London for all plating and metal casting. Her jewellery is as locally produced as it gets! 

Price range: €€-€€€


Stylist Dana Roski and Model Joyce Binneboese originally started WILD as a bricks and mortar concept boutique in Berlin around 2012. Eventually it turned into WALD Berlin – a fairtrade handmade jewellery brand. They use a collective of women and grandmothers to make the pieces; these women would otherwise be unemployed. The environment is also extremely important to WALD Berlin, they make sure that the shells and coral they use are not on the protected species list. They work closely alongside German biologists who supply the shells and coral to ensure this is enforced. 

Price range: €-€€€


Alighieri is a collection of jewellery inspired by Dante Alighieri’s ‘Divine Comedy’ – each piece corresponds to one of the poet’s 100 poems. Supporting the local heritage and craft in London is extremely important to founder Rosh Mahtani which is why the brand maintains a walkable supply chain. The core pieces are cast in recycled bronze before being plated in gold, or made in solid Sterling Silver. Longevity is equally important at Alighieri which is why they offer a restoration service for you. If you would like to alter your talisman or it becomes tarnished, they work with you to restore your piece, or adjust it so that it can grow with you and continue to tell your story. The brand also gives back to local communities. Currently they are partnering with Refuge, the UK’s leading charity in the fight against domestic violence for women and children. 

Price range: €€-€€€€


Daphine was founded in London in 2017 by Damasia Ball and Philippine de Follin. Firm friends, they had bonded over a shared perfectionism, a love of simple, uncomplicated design, and the fact that they are both from families of strong women. Whether it’s a pearl to bring light to a dull morning or a pair of swishy earrings that make you want to dance, we design with one wish in mind – that you’ll find a piece in our collection that lifts your mood, and brings you comfort. All pieces are handmade in their Jaipur atelier with 18 carat gold over brass. The pieces are certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council and treatinf the workers fairly and with resprect is a given for the brand. It gets even better: Daphine’s packaging is plastic-free and made from recycled materials, so they got you covered on that front too!

Price range: €-€€


Berlin based duo Johanna Schoemaker and Jonas Buck established Quite Quiet in late 2016. The brand brings together their experience as product designers as well as Johanna’s formal training as a goldsmith. Combining modern jewelry design and traditional craftsmanship they only work with fairtrade certified gold, lab-grown diamonds, recycled silver and sustainably sourced pearls for their precious pieces. In fact, they give detailed information about the reasoning and the sourcing of all the materials they are using for the brand’s jewelry pieces. To me the brand’s name summarizes the collection perfectly. It’s understated, timeless jewelry at its best.  

Price range: €€-€€€€


Georgina Boyce is one of London’s most established independent jewellers with a rich background in the jewellery trade. She is a trained designer and gemmologist. Her experience can be seen in every piece. On top of that, she specialises in making old jewellery into new pieces, adapting existing treasures and repairing old favourites. All British-made commission pieces are handcrafted. The jewellery brand also explains how to correctly store and care for your jewellery on the website and offers a repair and reconditioning service.

Price range: €€-€€€€


“It has taught me to let go of the pressure of having to be perfect.”, what a perfect quote by founder Signe Hansen. She explains in detail her vision behind the Danish brand and the reason why she opted for long lasting, cruelty-free materials for her collection. USE LESS jewelry is made-to-order in Germany in a collaboration with Stilnest. To make sure your pieces will stay beautiful for a lifetime and to make sure it suits most budgets the brand uses solid 14-karat gold, 925-sterling silver or 24-karat recycled gold vermeil for the jewelry. To ensure that used metals are sourced ethically, The brand only works with partners that are a part of the Responsible Jewelry Council. The Responsible Jewelry Council makes sure that all the metals they use in no way support any wars or unfair businesses. 

Price range: €-€€€€


Francesca founded Anuka Jewellery in 2014 after living in South Vietnam for a few years and having studied Jewellery and Silversmithing at the prestigious School of Jewellery in Birmingham before that. As she lived near the ocean during her time abroad she realized the negative impact our consumption has on the environment and decided to create an ethical brand. In every step of the way she tries to ensure limiting the brand’s footprint and doing things the right way. Transparency is also a core value of Francesca and Anuka Jewellery. The brand works with Provenance, a tech company that ensures that customers know exactly how their jewellery is made. Anuka Jewellery uses fairmined gold and recycled metals. Recycled packaging is also a no brainer for the jewellery brand. 

Price Range: €-€€€€


The brand was born from a belief that desirability and sustainability can exist in harmony. Each product starts its life in the brand’s East London studio and is designed by sculpting wax or by hand forming the solid metal. Most pieces are also manufactured locally but some of the hand formed pieces are made in Denpasar, Bali. The silver that is used for all London based castings is recycled 925 sterling silver. The metal is sourced by the brand’s main manufacturer, it is primarily local jewellers over-production, broken and unwanted jewellery, coins and artefacts which are melted down and refined in Birmingham. The recycled silver used by the manufacturer in Bali is also 100% traceable. It’s important for BAR JEWELLERY to be accessible for most, which is why the brand keeps prices as low as possible. 

Price range: €-€€€


The Swedish brand Norrfolks was founded in 2017 and is Europe’s first fine jewellery brand using lab-grown diamonds. On top of that the brand uses 100% recycled gold. Norrfolks is crafting conflict-free, responsible jewellery without harm due to mining or other possible issues. The brand’s goal is to fundamentally change the jewellery industry by creating sustainable pieces that fit the customers’ needs. Transparency is a core value. You can find all information on the factories and more on the brand’s website. Additionally, Norrfolks does not put a retail markup on the prices by cutting out the middlemen. All pieces are made in Spain. 

Price range: €-€€€€


Are you a non-EU reader or want to add even more great brands to your list? We got you covered. Here are some of our favourite ethical brands from the US and Canada. From 100% recycled 14k gold to traceability, ethical working conditions, reducing the carbon footprint and more these brands are trying their best. Maybe they got the perfect piece for you?


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