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Posted in Travel, Germany — 3. March 2020 — Written by Sophie

Where to sleep

Almodovar Hotel

Sleeping is still an essential even in a city like Berlin. You might want to consider the Almodovar Hotel located in Friedrichshain for your next trip. It’s close to a lot of eateries and bars and perfectly accessible by public transport with a tram station just 1min away. 

All interior is ethnically sourced from the wood used up to the sheets on which you sleep. For those practicing yoga – every room has a yoga mat ready to be used. 

I wouldn’t be doing my job properly if there wasn’t also something to be said about the food: the breakfast is all vegetarian ranging from warm croissants, scrambled tofu to Berliner Currywurst (yes you read correctly). A foodie dream come true! 

Almodovar Hotel
Boxhagener Straße 83
10245 Berlin 

Area: Friedrichshain
Price: €€€
Rate: 5 star hotel

Where to spend your money


Loveco is known for it‘s great selection of sustainable brands. With their Kreuzberg location they added vegan shoes to the mix. They have two more locations, one in Friedrichshain and one in Schöneberg meaning if you are searching for your favorite sustainable brands such as Kings of Indigo and Armedangels you will sure find them there. 

The store is small and cozy with the right amount of shoes to not be overwhelmed. You will find a wide selection of Veja sneakers, ekin sanals and Good Guys shoes and many more. The staff will happily help you if you have any questions at all – I had a lot of questions and they were thrilled to answer them all and have a chat about their favourite sustainable brands.   

Besides all the shoes, they have a small variety of jewellery, Dr. Brenner beauty products and scented candles. One can never have too many scented candles, right? 


Loveco Vegan Shoes
Manteuffelstraße 77
10999 Berlin 

Area: Kreuzberg
Price: €€ – €€€
Vegan Shoes & Accessories

Searching for denim?
You came to the right place.


DearGoods is an old classic when it comes to boutiques that only sell sustainable brands in Berlin. They offer a big range of denim brands – I really loved the Armedangels mom jeans.
Besides serving a lot of brands targeting women they also have a big section for men. I would bet that everyone will find something at DearGoods! Another highlight for me are the selection of vegan bags, belts and jewellery.
There is also a little corner in the shop with fair washing detergent, shampoo and other body care products. You see there is quite a lot to see in the store – we would suggest bringing some time when you plan your visit! 


Schivelbeiner 39
10439 Berlin

Area: Prenzlauer Berg
Budget: €-€€€
wide range of sustainable brands also for men


Vintage Revivals has a special place in my heart as I have found so many good vintage blazers and coats here over the years that I have stopped counting. This is my go to vintage store. Prices are usually quite low and you occasionally find a vintage designer piece and it ends up being a real bargain.  

They have completely redesigned the store at the end of 2018 and now offer a more curated selection of vintage pieces. The store is still really big without having that overwhelming feeling to it that you often have in pick and weight stores for example. The new drops are usually introduced with new visuals in the store front and I love that they shoot their vintage pieces in small editorials. The whole branding of the shop works so well and it’s always worth a quick stop if you are in the area.


Vintage Revivals
Schönhauserallee 127
10437 Berlin

Area: Prenzlauer Berg
Budget: €-€€
Vintage clothes with the occasional designer bargain


King Kong Vintage is a small store in Friedrichshain, which offers a great great selection of vintage overshirts and those logo shirts we all want in our wardrobe. If you are on the hunt for vintage Levi‘s 501 you will most definitely find them there, too. 

When trying something on definitely double check your pieces for any stains as I noticed some of the pieces to come stained. Staff is always happy to offer a reduction if that is the case.On the same street you will find a couple of other vintage stores but King Kong Vintage is definitely my favourite of them all as the selection of pieces is the right amount of wearable and unique. 


Area: Friedrichshain
Budget: €-€€
logo tees & levis denim

Where to eat

“Absolutely, eat dessert first when at Hermann’s.”


While I love talking about fashion and the newest sustainable shops in Berlin what would this guide be without it’s foodie tips? Right, boring. So here we go, since your breakfast is already covered through your stay at the Almodavar hotel the next reasonable food opportunity would be lunch.

Lunch served at Hermann’s described in 3 words: nourishing, planet friendly and delicious. They value craftsmanship when it comes to their “future foods”. They bake, smoke, ferment, sprout and grow most ingredients on site.

What fascinates me about Hermann’s is the fact that the restaurant looks like a future version of a work canteen. At the same time you can watch the chefs work on new recipes and see them prepare all the food through glass walls. I had a discussion with my lunch date whether we had stumbled into a very stylish science lab instead of a restaurant – but in the best possible way. 


Torstraße 116-118
10119 Berlin

Area: Mitte
Budget: €-€€
Breakfast, Brunch & Lunch